Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

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1v1 Drknemz Replay Pack

Replay 1: 'vsCSM.rec' Map: Fallen City Opponent: _Terminus I kinda dominated this game pretty bad, although a bad start to m...


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1v1 [1vs1] Eldar vs Marines

*_* following a Banshee Build order suggested/used in replays on the Eldar forums from Drunk, i tried it here. Needless to say it was succes...


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1v1 Ojka vs www_dowr_com

Players: OjKa Eldar www_dowr_com Eldar Victory Conditions: Take and Hold, Annihilation and Control Area Win Trigger: Annihilation...


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1v1 Orky Tech War

Some crazy teching action, nobz and kanz all over the place. Won by diving at his banners/LPs with nobz while traks and boyz scatter fire...