Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
2 Player

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All Files In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 Player
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2 Player Winter Highway Horror

This is a 1vs1 map on a highway. It has 2 relics and 4 strategic points.(2 next to each base) This is my 4th map but this required more effo...


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2 Player Bottle Neck

A small 1v1 player map for Dawn of War... this fetures a Jungles settleing and a Trickly area for both players to build there bases... tyipc...


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2 Player Peaceful City

One Peaceful City... until your arrival. This is a 1v1 256x256 urban map. This map is in VERY HIGH DETAIL, and all game modes and tiers are...


2 Player Ghaos Gate

This is my first/only/and most likely last map.Its a very strait forward (VoK style) 2 player map. Has SP's,Relics,CP's and a couple SD...


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2 Player City Centre

My first, little, 1v1 map. Players will have to manage space at their disposal wisely. An high detailed map for a quick, intense game.


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2 Player Disadvantage

My second 1v1 map. One city, a massive bombardment, one fortified base, two players: who will take advantage?


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2 Player City Seige

This is my first complete map. It is a city seige scenario with Player 1 inside the city walls and Player 2 on the outside. Critical point...


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2 Player River Canyon

Factions hoping to control the spaceport on Meppa IV need to control the Lumine river valley. Skirmishes between armies often take place at...


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2 Player VooDoo Island

This is a 1on1 scrimmage map that can be played in all modes. A wet little tropical isle filled with ambush spots and places to get killed s...


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2 Player Avalon Arena

Enter the arena and begin combat! Only the fittest survive and can leave with glory.


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2 Player Twisted Jungle

Its a well planned map. Check it out its a 1v1 map with quite a lot stuff. Well. Look at these screenies below!


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2 Player Jungle Madess

This time the idea was a really small intense map with not too much resources. Quick-Start is almost a must have here, since there are 3 Str...


2 Player Bay Of Figs

This was designed for 1 v 1 games and is as balanced as possible there are 3 Critical Locations for take and hold, although the map is good...


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2 Player Clausterphobia

A small 2 player map that has so much debris clogging the streets it will make vehicles obsolete.House to house fighting will definatly be y...


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2 Player Urban War

My first stab at making a map, nothing special in here really. uses just the ME's inbuilt stuff Ive found that this plays best as a take an...


2 Player Trench Warfare

my 3rd map. this is a bit of a meatgrinder :). ive played 4 games on lan and all 4 have been very close. again theres nothing flash about it...


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2 Player Island Hopping

My second map, again it only uses the inbuilt stuff from the ME. I wanted to build a fairly open map that could be used with some of the inc...


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2 Player Draconian

Draconian ca be described as a 2 palyer Night Fight in a shelled outpost on the outskirts of some city. A few buildings can be used as heavy...


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2 Player The River of Doom

This map is based off of Deadmans Crossing, but in jungle theme. Except the river itself is unaccessable. there are 3 river crossings each w...


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2 Player Claustrophobia

A small 2 player map that has so much debris clogging the streets it will make vehicles obsolete. House to house fighting will definatly be...


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2 Player First Serve

my 1st map. have made a height map with photoshop and worked on it heavily. Level has a massive amount of 'landscape'.


2 Player Atreides forge

This is a small 1v1 map for WH40KDOW (Dawn of War), it is designed to (hopefully) give lots of tactical options to both players and force r...


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2 Player Bloody Vale

There are very few resource points on this map, and that's what it's all about. I highly recommend either low or normal resources. It makes...


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2 Player Abandoned Faith

Abandoned Faith 1v1 scrimmage map. Two destroyed cathedrals sit in the middle of the map, each housing a strategic objective. A pair of jump...