Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Banners And Badges

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
McDonalds theme Probe 20KB 2981
Sword Badges vol_907 245KB 1646
Playboy Bunnies Hedgeh0g 21KB 4583
Transformers Hedgeh0g 110KB 3620
Black Templar KamikazeNoName 4KB 7700
Soviet Marine KamikazeNoName 6KB 1543
Band Pack #1 Hedgeh0g 189KB 3227
WW2 Badges And Banners Pack Milkman 68KB 8421
Polish Badge Olin 14KB 1064
Dragon Theme RyuuZaku 17KB 2107
ToFFlame banner |ToF|^Flame 948KB 370
Holland Terror Squad Probe 5KB 413
Geenstijl Hedgeh0g 2.09MB 452
187th Infantry Regiment Pentay 19KB 2115
Eye of Gehenna Mister Trioxin 61KB 661
Emporers Ryche Slawson 15KB 358
|ToF|^Flame Banner Pack |ToF|^Flame 62KB 758
Stargate Command Mister Trioxin 124KB 1654
Khorne Banner Tox 7KB 1963
Inq Banners Poster Boy 37KB 1022
Angels of Purity by Talius Talius 8KB 2281
REMEddie's Badge Pack REMEddie 260KB 698
REMEddie's Banner Pack REMEddie 282KB 734
Megaman Sprite Badge And Banner AkitoScorpio 521KB 615
Halo + Star Wars! REMEddie 141KB 2998
Milkman's Big Banners & Badges Pack Milkman 725KB 5992
StarTrek Banners & Badges DaSniper 324KB 1053
German Banners vol_907 17KB 2165
Planetside Badges Wolfmater 111KB 1004
US Military Pack REMEddie 273KB 1536
Say NO To Chaos Dicey_Ricey 14KB 758
Legion of the Damned Raven t 181KB 2746
Nazi Banner And Badge Dicey_Ricey 3KB 5104
USA Badge-Banner Gigon 15KB 902
German Badges vol_907 39KB 3495
Air Force & Starfleet Pack REMEddie 252KB 3328
GW BA Banners Pack Gigon 191KB 1049
University of Tennessee vol_907 25KB 127
Thousand Sons Badge & Banner Paillass 1.74MB 3679
Hammer & Sickle Mikou 1.87MB 2110
Lion Rampant BrotherThrax 1.81MB 683
Swiss Badges vol_907 87KB 345
Complete Space Marines Chapters methusala 3.78MB 30368
Lord Of The Rings Badges & Banners Demonic Badger 249KB 3544
Soviet Banners & Badges Demonic Badger 166KB 2779
Templar Alternative BrotherThrax 2.38MB 1285
Japanese Badges & Banners vol_907 192KB 3111
Sponsors Gigon 29KB 313
Black Templar Red Banner & Badge BrotherThrax 2.48MB 4995
Waffen SS Lingonyx 57KB 2824