Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

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All Files In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Maps
Maps Freaks Map Pack

Finally i can present you my first map pack! :) It contains the following maps: 4 Player map Silvestria, 8 player map Marinus, my shortly re...


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Maps Da Grim One's MAp Pack

A map Pack by 'Da grim one', Consisting of four maps, each slightly modified with the permission of the map's original authors.


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Maps Icon Patch

For all CMP map playing people, finally you can get rid of the pink minimap icon when playing CMP maps with this patch.


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Maps Stop The Summoning

Basically a 2 player map where it is like a warzone and lots of bombs and dead bodies and tanks. Have Fun :D


Maps Fluffyslayer's Map Pack

This is a map pack that consists of four maps (i got the idea from FreakNasty). I already published one of the four maps that are called:...


Maps Sarge's Map Pack

These are a few of my latest map, and a new really cool Mini Omaha lol which rocks, unfortunatly there is a bug in the 1.10 rdn_tool so i...


Maps The Relic

This file is map for Warhammer 40k:dawn of war. It features a relic of power which has been under the control of chaos for a long time. With...


Maps Celebrity Graveyard Map Pack

This map pack is IDENTICAL to the existing Celebrity Graveyard map pack, except it has been put into an auto-installer (and the readme updat...


Maps Get Yer Grotz On

This map is for 2 - 8 players. You cannot build ANYTHING: This is deliberate. It's just you, 60 Grotz, and 3 Mad Dokz (Slavedriverz), again...


Maps Celebrity Graveyard Map Pack

The First and the best Map Pack ever released. Title : Unity Map Pack...


Maps Edion86 Maps

This file contens 4 fantastic maps which introduce new kinds and styles of playing.


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Maps Ultimate Map Pack

This is the Ultimate Map Pack which contains a large amount of maps and other map packs which have been released in the community. This will...


Maps Mehnra Saga Map Pack

The Mehnra Saga returns as a Special Edition Installer! All maps are rejigged and beautitioned up the reckoner, all easily accessible in an...


Maps City Under Seige

This is a old abandon city, try and take it back with the power that you can control!


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Maps Bloodshed Ally Winter Assault

This is the same map as the Bloodshed Ally one except this one contains snow/


Maps Dawn of Dunes

8 Player map. Does not look that bad. It looks like some kind of canyon with 2 forces on each side.


Maps Community Map Pack III

The third installment of the community map pack is the biggest so far, containing 10 new maps. We hope you enjoy playing them. Please visit...


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Maps Zuck Map Pack

All Maps and textures done by Felipe "Zuck" Zuchowski. Use the textures in DoW as you wish, just remember to give me credit. Any problem w...


Maps Steel Legion Map Pack

Steel Legion Map Pack IMPORTANT!!!! This data needs to be installed into the Steel Legion Mod folder! These maps are distributed for...


Maps Artefact

Artefact Map Name: Artefact Creator: Rayden Players: 6 // 3v3 / 2v2v2 / FFA Size: 512*512 Theme...


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Maps Battle Grounds: Map Pack

This is the 1st ever release of the Battle Grounds: MAp Pack from Imperial Honour. The Map pack has some special maps in it such as the neve...


Maps Death Race 4000

This map is best played when all of the players agree to limit their infantry and instead focus on vehicles. Race'em around the track! I am...


Maps Front Line

This map is designed for 3 on 3 teamplay. The map is divided into two sides - one for each team - at opposite ends of the map: the eastmost...


Maps Taris City

Hi kendal2 here bringing u my very frist map Taris City. It is a chaos infected city being be siged by the imps and sm. Me and my friends en...