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Maps Blood Storm

A 2v2 map where you play in a gully surrounded by mountains with a gate in the middle (control by player 1) with a squiggoth (doesn’t attack...


Maps Warped Map

This is this developers first attempt at map making, (he is aware that there are a couple bugs; (see readme)) but, aside from that, he has d...


Maps Typical English Town

This map is based on an English town, it doesn't matter which one because most of them are practically the same; This is a 4 player map for...


Maps Ancient Intersection

This 4 player map took 7 hours to complete and is the first creation by this author so be sure to provide some feedback!


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Maps hivetyrant765's Map Pack

This is just a little map pack containing the following maps; - Blood Pit - Chaos Arena - Battle Field - Ork Battle Pen - Eldar Battl...


Maps Warwind

This 6 player map is based around a town in the forest and the mountains. The orks are trying to get to the town so stop them by holding the...


Maps Hell's Mini Mappack

Azure's Valley was my first ever map, and is set soon after a huge battle between an imperial guard army and the forces of Chaos. It has 1 c...


Maps Great Battles of Lost Worlds - Mappack

This Mappack contains three maps. Battle of Boras Minor 1vs1 Battle of Catachan 1vs1 Battle of Lost Hope 2vs2


Maps Hold the Center

This map was designed for mass slaughter in the center of the map. works best on ffa but anything else will work.


Maps Agriworld

If you've ever played a map and thought...this would make a good 1v1; or maby you prefer more of a challenge,and want 3v3...then this downl...


Maps Honor Jungle

Jungle-themed Dawn of War map.


Maps Dunkirk Spaceport

Urban-themed map designed for Take-and-Hold missions. Works with all DoW mods. Designed with high-performance computers in mind, but will wo...


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Maps Mars Base

A colony on Mars was attacked by a force of Chaos. Soon after the attack began it ended with only a section of wall missing. Prisoners were...


Maps War Torn Jungle

From The Mail: Hi everyone, this is my first map and first submission to DoWFiles so don't rate harsh ok? It's a 1v1 fighting ov...


Maps Labyrinth Mine

Labyrinth mine (named this because of the winding tracks) was abandoned by the miners of the imperium when orks crash landed there.


Maps Minefield

This map contains a minefield in the center, acting as a barricade between the two teams, which will force you to bring your troops through...


Maps Jungle Maps

Jungle Defense: player 1 is in a protected area in one corner of the map playing the role of the defender. they are protected be land mines...


Maps The Canyon

From The Mail: This a map i made after screwing around with Mission Editor for a while. Host it and Enjoy! And do you guys send a con...


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Maps River Crossing

One side of the river is held by the Imperium, the other by forces of chaos. Can you hold the defences?


Maps Rebellion in Ashboronia

The best way to play this map is in two teams, it is not suggested that you try to make this into a free-for-all, the proximity of the playe...


Maps Bridge of Khazadum

Based on the Brigde of Hazadum in LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring.


Maps Assault on Tremayne

This mean features semi-urban and semi-jungle terrain. Ideal for annihilate or take and hold modes.


Maps Almojo's Skyboxes

This includes three skybox textures for use in your Dawn of War game or your Dawn of War maps.


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Maps Community Map Pack 1- 4

Ever wanted to have all of the community map packs, but didn't have them all or at least some of them? Well here is your chance to have all...