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Wallpapers Disgruntled Ork Desktop

I made this after cmpleting a Computer Graphics assignment early. It originally was made for a business card someting or other which was cal...


Wallpapers Bersker and Chaplain Wallpaper

There's not a whole lot to add, the title says it all really. There's only 1 resolution though which is a bit of a bummer but other than t...


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Wallpapers DoW Wallpaper

A simple collage-like wallpaper based on Dawn of War.


Wallpapers DoW Wallpaper

This version has some very slight changes to the original and comes in two versions.


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Wallpapers Tau Wallpaper

This 1024x768 wallpaper features the Tau.


Wallpapers Greater Knarloc Wallpaper

A pretty cool wallpaper for fans who like the Greater Knarloc. -Slash


Wallpapers Imperial Guard Wallpaper

Here we have some nice Imperial Guard wallpapers. They don't look too bad at all, i personally like the second one :D -and co...


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Wallpapers Space Marine Pic and Wallpapers

Some good pictures here... although Im not entirely convinced that a few of them are yours.. - jack051093


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Wallpapers Boombaye's Wallpapers

Some wallpapers, its probably not my thing, but Im sure some of you will like them. - jack051093


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Wallpapers DoW2 Screenshots

These are all the screenshots that have been released for Dawn of War 2 so far. this is the address of the eldar footage if ou have...


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Wallpapers DoW2 Wallpapers

Here is a little selection of some of the newest featured DoW2 Wallpapers. Download and enjoy a new look to your desktop. Contents [/b...


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Walkthrough Dawn of War Walkthrough 1

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War Walkthrough Chapter 1. This video shows off some in-game footage with the "Space Marines."


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Walkthrough Mission Cheats

This file will help people that can't do single player.