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Mini Mod Fallback Mod

Morale Broken units in Dawn of War lose effectiveness, yet continue to stand in the open and get destroyed. Using this mod, broken units wi...


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Mini Mod Support Mod

Units capable of artillery bombardment are among the few units who do not fire at available targets automatically. This mod will detect idl...


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Mini Mod Increased Visibility Mod

This mod increases the visual range for all squads and entities. Squads have their vision range doubled, while buildings are tripled. Scre...


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Mini Mod Fast Abilities Mod

This mod increases the rate at which Abilities can be used by decreasing the time it takes them to recharge. The main purpose is to make b...


Mini Mod High Resolution Mod v1.0

This mod enables the Hi-Res textures of units and vehicles in the game.


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Mini Mod High Resolution Mod v1.1

This mod enables the Hi-Res textures of units and vehicles in the game.


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Mini Mod Kill Team Mod

With this mod you get the ability to command the badass kill team squad! Kill teams are elite squads that the Ordo Mallues, Ordo Xenos, and...


Mini Mod Kult of Speed Mod

I like the Kult of Speed, and it was sad to see that it simply doesn't work well in Dawn of War. With this mod, I hoped to make it more or...


Mini Mod Movie Eldar Mod

Eldar race has been replaced by Movie Eldar, this mod contains no new models. Movie Eldar are what Eldar are like in the fluff, fast, fra...


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Mini Mod Dogs of War Mod

This mod gives serveral incredably powerful units to the game! They include the new Khorne Chosen Berserkers which do synckills as soon as t...


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Mini Mod Tactical Rules

Are you yearning for more explosive, violent games? Are you sick of squads running past each other, shooting, without a single casualty? Do...


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Mini Mod Table Top Rules Conversion

There is no new models, no new effects, no re-textures. There is only code changes. Check out the readme for additional details.


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Mini Mod Table Top Stats Conversion Mod Version 2

All the changes which have been made since the previous version are listed in the readme so be sure to give it a read!


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Mini Mod Blue Blood Regiment

This appears to be an additional race (or team) of which consists of many Imperial guard Units and suchlike. The lack of screenshots doesn'...


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Mini Mod Warriors of Mars

This (I believe) is the Warriors of Mars Beta MOD. - I can't say much about it due to no screenshots not much in the readme, so I'll leave...


Mini Mod Zke's Tau Banners

This mod adds some new banners for the Tau Mod.


Mini Mod Brotherhood of Nod Badges and Banners

Remember the days of Command & Conquer? Relive them in Dawn of War with this mod, which adds the Nod logo in several places.


Mini Mod Mike's Mods: Necrons

Mike's Mods: Necrons has returned! Version 1.51 is here and I can almost see the smiles on the lot of you! kahem has stepped up to...


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Mini Mod Dawn of War Skirmish AI Mod

The highly popular AI enhancement is once again available, courtesy of the Dawn of Skirmish AI team and Thudmeizer! For Winter Assault on...


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Mini Mod 40k Ultimate Mod

Wow, a Dawn of War vanilla mod! This will rebalance the game in ways not tried before. Expect higher unit caps (tripled!) and varying it...


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Mini Mod Special Weapon Marines

A very basic modification here from chosen40k, quite simply changing the starter weapon of the marines from a bolter, to a plasma gun. -...


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Mini Mod Heavy Weapons Orks

This Mod changes all of your Shoota Boyz' Shootas to Big Shootas and all of your Tankbustas' sluggas to Rokkit Launchas. The author has als...


Mini Mod Blood Angels Icon Pack

Icon packs seem to be the order of the day. This pack will override all the icons for the Space Marines with custom unit icons to match the...


Mini Mod Ultramarines Icon Pack

And just like the Blood Angels pack, we now follow on with Ultramarines. Very similar icons, just with the Ultramarines blue color scheme. A...