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Mods Epic Legions

* UPDATE: Version 0.2 released. AI now works! * Works in both demo and full versions. * Only Space Marines are modded for now. Check th...


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Mods Veteran Terminator

- Adds a new 3 man Veteran terminator Squad - 1500 hitpoints each - 40 second build time - Abilitys - Thunder Hammer Equipped - 780 Req...


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Mods Rioniku's Gameplay Balance

Fixed in this version : Space Marines : - The Terminators are no longer fearless. They now have a morale cap of 700 (up from 450)....


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Mods No Base Building

This mod was written to try and remove the basebuilding aspect of the game. After 90% of playtime was found to be "enemy base demolitions"...


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Mods Jenette's Balance

Welcome to my very first mod attempt for any rts game. This mod Jenette's Balance (yes a FEMALE that does game mods scary huh?) v1.0 beta i...


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Mods Eldar Aspects

This version mainly adds the Swooping Hawks! A list of updates will be released soon! Note that this file is only a playtesting file.


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Mods Space Wolves

Changes: Land Speeder Squadrons, upped to 3 cap. Dreadnought Multimelta killed, Plasma cannon added by popular demand. Not added to Ven...


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Mods Assy's Table Top Mod

4.6 Fixed problem with chaos crashes in tier 3 Daemon prince shoult now attack as normal! 4.5 Eldar: Slightly increased Firepower...


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Mods Eye of Terror

1) Still no AI, don't set the computer to AI or Random. 2) Never did replicate the null-pointer problem, but it seems to have gone away....


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Mods Codex SM Race

Well one night i trided to play a game of tak and hold and it took 10 trys to get so one to play right and go for the objective tye just wen...


Mods Chaos Extension

mod contains- -Chaos Land Raider -Chaos Dreadnought -Chaos Terminators -Traitor Imperial Guardsmen -Chaos Heavy Weapons Team -Ch...


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Mods Codex Table Top Sim

*new troops for the guard and space marines *devistator squads three layout types *armord fist with out the transport but with a bolter or...


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Mods Krazy Mod



Mods Codex Table Top Sim Epic

An updated mod from Me me. More details are below!


Mods Spacehulk mod

Spacehulk mod is a mod for Relic's w40k:Dawn of War. The game takes place on an ancient interstellar vessel known as Space Hulk. You are pl...


Mods Vindicare Assasin

Fixed issue where when you build the Vindicare and put the cursor over it, the details would show up wrong.


Mods Spacehulk mod

A mod for Relic's W40k: Dawn of War. In this you have to clean giant spaceships called 'Spacehulks' from alien (namely Genestealer) infes...


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Mods Harlequin : The Dance Macabre

This is the first release of a little project I've been toying with for sometime. In the early WH40k years, my most favourite army was Eld...


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Mods Unified Conflict Pack

The Unified_Conflict is a complation of various participating Moding Teams in the DOW40k modding comunity.


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Mods Super Mod

This mod is a complating of various participating mod in the DOW modding comunity list of Participating Mods Harliquin "The Dance Maca...


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Mods Ultramarines

This mod allows you to filed special characters from the Ultramarines chapter. Check below for details on new units added in this mod.


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Mods Balance & Bug Fix

CHANGES MADE IN VERSION 02 (for cumulative changes just skip to the next section) (02) Rangers: All Rangers get infiltration ability by def...


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Mods NoTanx

This small mod Removes all vehicles from the game (including grav platforms) and Doubles all races Infantry cap! this is my first time makin...


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Mods Enhancement Mod

The Enhancement Mod aims to improve Dawn of War game play by not only fixing problems that went unnoticed at the time of release (and have y...