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Others Weezer's Super Replay Pack

This is my first contribution to DoW files. And I decided to put up something I like. REPLAYS!!! lol. Well first Ill give you the ins...


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Others Dynamic Screenshots map pack

Simply a couple of screenshots. Check out this pack.


Others DoW Desktop Icons Pack

Several DoW-themed desktop icons, including proper transparency.


Others Forum Signatures

This is a group of images that are supposed to be used for forum signatures. Many of these images seem a little large to be effective signat...


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Others Winter Assault (Other/Pictures)

A little movie type thing. Nothing else really to say...Give it a go Enjoy ~Gaffer


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Others Xfire Soul Storm Developers Chat

For those who missed the Xfire dev chat with Ironlore regarding Soulstorm, here's a transcript uploaded by NeCoHo. Nothing more I can reall...


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Others Wargear Icon Pack

Well, I don't know what else to say about these other than included is a new pack of icons for the Wargears. Photoshop technique is pretty...


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Others Chaos Icon Blister Pack

--Chaos Icon Blister Pack-- This is not a standard Icon Pack that you are used to seeing me post. This is a very small blister p...


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Others ffaking

ffaking Omaha Spaceport v1.1 2 player map for Dawn of War 1.3 Player 1 takes Space Marines, Player 2 takes Chaos....


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Others Unknown Heroes, 40k comic

Unknown Heroes - A 40k Comic is I think the first file of its kind to be featured on this site! Congrats! Anyway, this short comic the aut...