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Replays 2 on 2 Breach

Nice game 2on2 GG. It was on breach and the Squiggo just saved our lifes. AWESOME GAME Re...


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Replays AAK625 Replys

These are a few replays which show a match between AAK625 and an ally against a set of computers. Download to learn some new tactics!


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Replays Total War Replay

Another one of AAK625's idiotic games. This time, he uses the "Total War" mod, available, here at DOWFiles


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Replays Saint’s Square, 2v2 Replay

2v2 between four players above 1400 on 1v1 ladder. Almace is also the #1 2v2 and 3v3/4v4 ranked player. Fast pace game with attacks on multi...


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Replays ao-Train vs NIB

Map: Outer Reaches Players: ao-Train - Eldar NIB - SM Victory Conditions: Take and Hold, Annihilation and Control Area Win Trig...


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Replays Daemonhunters v0.7 Uber Replay

Replay: by Komrad/Emperor James and SABBYspeakers Proof that the Daemonhunters Mod can hold out against 3 insane coms. ...


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Replays 5 Recorded Games

I am new to the this game and must admit it is fun, before I try multiplayer and the new exspansion I have practiced a few times and recored...


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Replays Last Stand Of The Storm Lords

This is a readme for The last stand of the storm lords! as you can see it is a replay Me as the space marine chapter the storm lords and one...


Replays Hunter is Hunted

This replay is from a online game 4v4 QS. the teams and players were as so: TEAM 1 full...


Replays Honor or Dishonor

This guy has a standard 4vs4 match and he actually won.


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1v1 Drknemz Replay Pack

Replay 1: 'vsCSM.rec' Map: Fallen City Opponent: _Terminus I kinda dominated this game pretty bad, although a bad start to m...


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1v1 [1vs1] Eldar vs Marines

*_* following a Banshee Build order suggested/used in replays on the Eldar forums from Drunk, i tried it here. Needless to say it was succes...


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1v1 Ojka vs www_dowr_com

Players: OjKa Eldar www_dowr_com Eldar Victory Conditions: Take and Hold, Annihilation and Control Area Win Trigger: Annihilation...


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1v1 Orky Tech War

Some crazy teching action, nobz and kanz all over the place. Won by diving at his banners/LPs with nobz while traks and boyz scatter fire...


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2v2 [1v1] Space Marine vs Eldar

After checking the replay the SM player doesn't go for a 'hard' scout rush, it's more of just very early harassment, decaps some of my p...


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2v2 2v2 Orc/Orc vs Eldar/Orc

See the imbalance of unbugged eldar! Warp spiders eat everything orc. With me as his meatshield and uhm.. general, PL_Asurman's forces eat...


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2v2 AM Harassment Is Illegal In Take And Hold!

Trying to get AM harassment perfected,still damn slow unfornately.While destroying LPs and de-capping points,the eldar player keeps telling...


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2v2 Another Question Replay

Question has sent in another replay to DOWfiles! Download it and see if you can learn any new tactics off him or any other players which whe...


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2v2 Finishing Moves

This pack contains 2 maps. The whole replay is all about the cool finishing moves of the: =Force Commander =Avatar =Bloodthirster


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2v2 2vs2 Experts

Maybe not experts,but definately above average.Although the 2 guys me and OLC_NOMAD fought didnt even have a 25% win ratio they fought b...


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2v2 Carnage on Quatra

2vs2 on qutra....goes well till my ally grabs MY point and acts like a prick about it.The moment i saw him build a LP on it,i break my a...


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Me being backstabbed because my ally apparently didnt like me "telling him what to do",got mad when i told him i was just doing a raid a...


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2v2 Fight Back

A Match my friend and i played at a lan, against 2 computers and a fight that won the game for us. (Quite proud of it)


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3v3 [3v3] Destroy HQ

Extremely close game til the opposing chaos was down. Pay attention to the middle bottom Eldar's turtle though. I'm still not sure how we...


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