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3v3 #DOW Gets Owned

#dow vs 3,Question,Meppa and Rem.Major owange because we took it easy and made tons of mistake. We blame meppa :D


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3v3 Tankathon

A nice battle, by me(TheDoc). I know its vs. the pc so it dont count, but when you got a 56k connection its the best you can do sometimes....


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3v3 3 vs 1

3 vs 3 but it was me vs 3. I lost but also killed more them the 3 of them and my team mattes combined.


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3v3 3 vs 3 std game

This is a 3 vs 3 replay. The game is only 3-4 big. Fights are Team 1:Chaos/Space Marine. Team 2:Space Marine/Chaos/Space Marine.


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FFA 4 Player FFA With Turret Spam

Its a 4 player FFA where the people next to me graciously give me free points and spam turrets.Lots of fightning for the majority of the...


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FFA SVR's 4 Player FFA

Svr,meppa,me and some random guy having a FFA. Illustrates why plays should have been implemented like in TT.


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FFA Cross Roads Replay

A replay of the Cross Roads map.


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