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Utilities RGD Editor

This is the RGD editor everyone has been waiting for.


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Utilities RGD Edit

Newer version of the RGD editor that is much easier to use. that it must be placed in your attribute file directory!


Utilities RGB Color List

I've tried to make a list displaying some usefull citadel colors, with their hexadecimal and decimal value. I used a list of colours found o...


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Utilities Mudflap's Custom Sky Creator

Are you a mapper who needs that extra punch for your big mission? Want a classy map that stands out from the rest? A good place to start w...


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Utilities Almojo's Skyboxes

Three new sky textures by Almojo for those who seek for more visual quality in the air of Dawn of War!


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Utilities Dawn of War SGA Archives Unpacker

This utility will allow you to quickly and easily unpack SGA and BIG archives, used in many of Relic Entertainment's games. It is currently...


Utilities Mudflap's WHM to X converter

Mudflap has been kind enough to create a tool that helps modders open up Relic's Dawn of War, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade WHM models wit...


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Utilities Scout Model reference

This appears to be a scout model for modders to use, but you will need some modding skills first to put them to use. See screenshots for mo...


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Utilities Mudflap's WHE to EBP Converter

Here is another handy tool for Dawn of War modders that don't have 3d Studio Max, courtesy of Mudflap! This one allows you to view EBP fil...


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Utilities Tmoulus combiner maker v1.1

I've tried to cut down the number of things you had to do. I've also found a way to make the python turn into exe files so you don't have t...


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Utilities Corsix's Mod Studio

Corsix's Mod Studio is free and open source modding tool for Relic Entertainment's "Dawn of War", "Dawn of War: Winte...


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