Ancient Evil



This is a small map that is meant for a quick Infantry based game.

An imperial colony has come under attack, retreating to the space port the defenders have dug themeselves putting a deep moat in between them and the attackers, unfortunatly new assailents have started to rise from the watery trench which make the soldiers wonder wether or not they weren't the first race to claim this planet...

This is the second release in which RolfTheSlasher changed the enemy base to look more chaotic, and he fixed the pointy stakes that seemed to be floating. There are also some new details that he wants to let you pick up on.



Map Name: Ancient Evil 

Installation: Extract all files to wxp\data\scenarios\mp

this is my 2nd map and any constructive advice would be welcome you can reach me at [email protected]
thanks to the creator of inquistors fortress map i believe i used one or two of your decals 

you my do use you like with this map as long as you give me credit and dont exploit it for personal gain.

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