Apocalypse Plaza

Industrial-looking 4-player multiplayer map.


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Industrial-looking 4-player multiplayer map.

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Download '4p_apocalypse_plaza_v1.0_rc1_eng.rar' (789KB)

Apocalypse Plaza   1.0 RC1

by Universi Ruler (aka Annatar)

Website: http://universiruler.altervista.org
Email: universi.ruler AT gmail DOT com

You can use and distribute this map if you want. You can also modify it and use it as starting point for your map or even include it in your mod, but you have to notify me by email.

What's New
-1.0 RC1
Great styling changes
Fixed some objects placements errors
Modified the map center 
Minor changes
Readme file correction


Hi everyone! This is the first map I make for DOW. It's a 4-players map, intended to be played in MP. Starting points are at the four corners of the map; there are a lot of SP and only one Relic at the map center. There is plenty of space to build up your base and there are only three access points to it (two of them are very close each other). I tested this map 2vs2 and Free for all, and I found it funny in both cases.

NOTE: I tested this map with the Dawn Of Skirmish MOD (v. 1.75) and it plays very well!

Strategic Points: a lot
Relics: 1
Slag Deposits: 4
Strategic Objectives: 6

Apocalypse Plaza DOES NOT require Winter Assault to work, but only Dawn Of War

Work in progress
This map is a work in progress, expecially concerning the styling area. I will release an updated version as soon as I can.
To get the very latest version of this map check at DOWFiles or at my website (written above).

I hope you'll like this map, and if you have any questions/feedbacks/suggestions send them to me at the above email address.

Lupo_Nero (map name, tester)
Lord Cassius (tester)
Drago_Nero (tester)

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