Arrakis: Tears of Shai Hulud

arrakistearsofshaihulud8ff.zip —


can run on top of it and inside it (eww). I also wanted the map to be assymmetric, so I made one side Fremen with rocky natural formations, and a Harkonnen side which is industrial and has slaves and huge pipe networks. I am not sure if I balanced it good enough for both sides but if anyone has any complaints, I will change it in another version.I also thought it would be interesting to have the Hakonnen side have defense turrets and soldiers. Of course they are all neutral. Sometimes the imperial guard troops look like they have had too much caffeine and will spasm at anyone who comes near, also the bolter turrets will stare suspiciously at anything that walks, drives, or stomps by. I made some really steep dunes for vehicle ramping action and they seem to work well.It may play kind of slowly, I did my best to improve performance, though it may play slightly jittery. I hope you enjoy it, I have been working on this for a week and I have spent many hours on it!


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