Map Name: Artefact Creator: Rayden Players: 6 // 3v3 / 2v2v2 / FFA Size: 512*512 Theme...


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Map Name: Artefact Creator: Rayden Players: 6 // 3v3 / 2v2v2 / FFA Size: 512*512 Theme: Volcanic/Jungle/City Modes Supported: All

Strategic points: 26 Criticals: 1 Relics: 6 Power slugs: 3

Description A devastated terrain with an unholy aura. 3 different terrain types have been used by me this time. A large volanic ash covered mountainous area, then a deep jungle with swamps and different paths and finally a destroyed city once an outpost of the imperial till the unholy forces of chaos infiltrated the population.

This is one of the maps i thought i would never finish it, anyway here it is. A new experimental style map of mine. This time with a "fun" factor. At the critical in center of map you are able to summon a demon prince. OMGFLOLLOL you may think but i found out it is a very vitale method to force players to capture the middle :).

The summoning is started by capturing the center and only critical. Once captured it needs 6 minutes until the demon prince starts. The summoning can be interupted if the critical is decapped, BUT the summoning can be RESUMED by another player. This makes it possible that one player hold the point for 5 minutes but another player who got the critical in time gets the demon!!!

I hope you will enjoy my newest creation.

ATTENTION: ONLY WINTER ASSAULT! If there are enough requests for a normal version i will add a version for normal DoW too.

Installation Note Self-Installer there should be no problems, if you think it choosed a wrong path you have to set the correct path by yourself.

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