Assault on Tremayne

This mean features semi-urban and semi-jungle terrain. Ideal for annihilate or take and hold modes.


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This mean features semi-urban and semi-jungle terrain. Ideal for annihilate or take and hold modes.

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Download 'mp_assaultontremayne_v1.rar' (1.41MB)



     The war on Aetherius has reached a critical point. Many battles have been fought to protect
key places on the planet and the enemy has been held at bay. Now Imperial commanders plan to 
strike back at the enemy and regain lost ground.This planet wide offensive will take place in a 
key location on each of the three continents. More important is the attack on the continent of 
Aetheria Tertiarus. The attack is planned to take place in the small abandonned town of Tremayne
in the costal jungles of a key ithmus.If taken, the area will be in control of Imperial hands 
splitting the enemy forces on the continent in half and cutting off major enemy supply routes.The
town was practically leveled by enemy forces in the first stage of the enemy invasion and shortly
after left to rot. Now it is overgrown and will make for some difficult fighting. The majority of
the town must be under control if the Imperium is to succeed here.


This is my third map and it is a semi-urban semi-jungle environment.The idea came from many
letters calling for this type of map. I have not attempted a jungle map before let alone a 
mixed environment so this should prove to be has been tested with no bugs found
but there are a lot of things on this map so there could be something I missed. The map is
designed to versitle, it can be played as annihilate, take and hold or control area. Also like
all maps I make it works with all mods, from the original DoW to the tyranid mod. Please send
cooments and ideas to piratebob27 at gmail dot com.


Move the four files named AssaultonTre to the following directory:

Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\mp

You may need to make some of the folders yourself to create the proper directory.

Created By: xslavex

Special Thanks to: MattK for testing (again) and for those who sent in ideas.

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