Assy's Table Top Mod



4.6 Fixed problem with chaos crashes in tier 3 Daemon prince shoult now attack as normal!

4.5 Eldar: Slightly increased Firepower and CC weapons The Support Platform now fires 15% faster at higher range Eldar Holofield is now more effecient. Fixed a bug with Space Marine Minefields.

4.1 Fixed some Stats (lowered costs) from Daemon Prince. Banshees now do 35% more moral damage! Fixed the HPs from Veteran Sarge from 620 to 650 The Havocs now fire slightly more accurate as normal Marines New Banners and Badges / teamcolours from Hangar-8 (THX) Chaso predator has now a smoke launcher

4.0a Fixed a bug who show the Assault Termi Sarge as pink Box

4.0: Much Fixes, the coversymbols over the Units and the Builder-idle Symbol are back!! Much other small Unit fixes!! All SM Tanks have now the Smoke Grenade Launcher.

Mod Description:

New Banners convertet some Beta Banners to new Game Banners! New Badges! Dead Units stay some seconds longer on the battlefield after death Higher Pop/Veh Limit for all Races Higher Camera Zoom Out

New Units:

Marines: SM Veterans max size 5+Sarge more costs/no hvy Weapons, with Meltabombs, more expensive, more HPs/Moral Termis same hps, more moral, more costs, rally option(!), higher teleport range max size 9 inclusive Termi Sarge , 3Pop costs* Devastors other form from Space Marines but more costs, no Flamer, OTHER Weapon Priorities, they fire first on the bigger things Land Speeder is now a Squad up to 3! little more firepower, more costs, more jump range, Pop-cost is now 4 New Commander like FC but without Bombardement and w/o Weaponupgrade only 1000HPs with moralboost abilty Hellfire Cybot has now near the same HP like the normal Cybot at higher costs Rhino costs 1 Veh-Pop otherwise its useless, with this i think now there is a chance to see some of them?! Scouts now max size is 6 up to 4 upgrades

Orks: Dreadnought takes the place for The Killa Kan Killa Kan is now a squad up to 3 without wep-upgrade, lower costs, faster than dreadnought less tall/big, very funny! Pop-cost is now 4 Some adjustments to battlecannons, to lower accuracy. Lowered Firepower-accuracy and add more Damage to standard melee Weapons about 10% Higher Population Limit Orks are close combat fighter not shooter!

Eldar: Vypers are now in Squads up to 3 like the Kan/LS Pop-cost is now 4 Falcon Grav Tank costs 1 Veh-Pop

Chaos: Lowered accuracy from Battlecannon. Havocs (new) these are like the Devastors! Chaos Marines size limit is now 12 instead 10 Chaos Rhino costs 1 Veh-Pop

I am open to implement new units if they fit to the TT universe with her fluff.


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