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here is a 'brief' description of the chapter = = avenger space marines (un-official) and the strategy i've been deploying since i've been leading them in dawn of war, dark crusade 'recently'. i've used to use 'other' method(s), or 'strategies', yet here is what i've been doing to 'eliminate' certain problems with the too many possibilities 'problem' when deploying space marines against chaotic foes. that is, if you know dark crusade, you'll see that there are many strategies. yet that, deploying a strategy makes other 'combinations' not possible since, at least ~ deu unto the unit/vehicle cap thing they programmed, which (of course) can be by-passed by using a 'no-limit' mod. for example ~ ~ if you land a land - raider, two predator tanks, then a whirlwind, your only left with two on the vehicle cap. that means you can only land two land - speeders than, whereas the 'limit' on land - speeders is ten. yet, if you land all ten possible land speeders and two predator tanks, then you can't land any other vehicles etc. also, i'm not submitting this file (briefly describing avenger space marines) to tell anyone what to do or anything like that. its just to 'communicate' to others that (in theory), there are many ways you can 'deploy' your s p a c e m a r i n e s

An un-official guide to the Avenger Space Marines, and some space marine strategies for dawn of war. Looks interesting, give it a DL!





by euren feurcloe, june 26th, 2008

version = = beta one, f i r s t

colors = = gray scale, from dark

	to regular gray

badge = = imperial symbol

banner = = modified u.s. flag

primarch = = lord sergent

motto = = "avenge the fallen"

code = = "defense" is good to a point, yet its been

clearly noted that "losses" occur no matter what

the "defense" is.  this chapter's original name was

"defender space marines", yet when the "fallacy" of

"defense" was painfully realised with heavy losses,

lord sergent, the chapter's primarch ~ decided to

focus instead on "avenging" where "defenses" fail.

then changed the chapter to "avenger(s)" instead.

so, the chapter's "code" also changed to relatively

defend "when possible", yet to definately strike

back "avenging" where possible against chaotic

foes that seem to not ever fear the imperium.

strategy = = (in dawn of war)

first servitor lands a barracks

build extra servitor

build three scout squads

make sure to add two members to each

move first scout squad to capture post

move second scout squad to new post

move third scout squad to third post

consolidate scout squads to 'hot' post (for defense)

move extra servitor to 'hot' post to set listening post

build space marine squad from barracks (set rally point)

build third servitor and extra scout squad to 'assist'

land listening posts on any new post beside 'hot' post

basically, the 'hot' post is the flag that 'may' or

'most - likely' to be attacked, which is where to 

huddle the marine squads until vehicles arrive (later).

which also, good idea to land bolter turrets also.

especially next to listening posts and buildings.

yet the limit is six per c.h.q. so be careful there.

if any other posts are attacked, or parts of the base,

send squads to 'respond', yet try to keep 'hot' post

covered ~ or squads nearest to 'defending' p o i n t.

keep building marine squads (even set to auto - build)

any squad that appears ~ try adding to max members

as they appear or as soon as possible. also, if time

permits, build (eventually) a fourth scout squad.

make sure to have at least three generators landed

away from frontal base defense.  helps to build

generators around back listening posts (away from

harm and other building areas). 

then upgrade command headquarters to monastary.

then land armoury for upgrading "bionics" & &

"target - finders" when affordable (sooner, better)

these two upgrades save many lives most of the time.

then land the machine cult for vehicles (quickly).

vehicles are "mandatory" for both defense/offense,

especially in order to save lives either w a y.

then keep upgrading unit and vehicle caps quickly.

then set machine cult to speeder auto - landing and

set their rally point up to 'hot' post like squads.

the land speeders each take up one cap and are limit

ten of them, so that will take time, yet will result

in a group of ten of them to support the marines and

quickly respond to other areas if and when needed.

during that build - up (of the speeder group), upgrade

again the command headquarters unto "fortress monastary"

this will then allow for landing the predator tank(s).

so, then ~ once the speeder group is completed (ten),

two predators can pair up since they each take five

cap and limit two of them to help the frontal marines.

note, however ~ the speeders cannot handle much up

front (on their own), except in limited fire fights.

so, its "critical" to use them to support, by sending

them into an already - occuring fire fight, instead.

this way, they not only help save marines, yet ~

survive longer themselves.  in the case of speeder

losses, they take much time to replace, unless you've

landed two machine cults or so.  then, once the predators

land, they should (each in turn) be sent strait unto the

'hot' post or 'defense' line, since they are "strong".

if, by that point ~ no casualties (for some reason),

then there should be a full group of marine squads, with

the initial scouts, plus the land speeder group of ten,

plus two predator tanks ~ ~ all behind the scariest post.

yet, just remember ~ there are two units easily added

(even before this point ~ actually any time possible),

that can be "grouped" with only the scout squads that

"initially" appeared from the start of the conflict.

that is the "commander" and the "chaplain" grouped with

those scouts as a fourth group ~ the "command" group.

that way, theres the "marine" group, the "speeder" group,

the two predator tanks, then the "command" group, which

can each be assigned (way before this late) a number

one through four.  many disagree with such a "complicated"

strategy as i've tried to explain above, yet @ least

i've tried to show for "something" after that many battles.

the last thing (which, again) can also be landed before

this point of "battle", which is the "orbital relay station".

this (at least) grants the commander a special striking

ability ~ ~ to call for orbital striking from spacecraft.

yet, past any further "debate" or otherwise "confusion",

i'll just end this "ad hoc" version of avenging them, by

stating, when marines or other units are lost, replace as

quickly as possible, and a simple tactic in this regard ~

is to set buildings to "auto - build" certain "repeated"

squads or other units and set their "rally point" to the

"defense line" or easiest to "find" area for reinforcing

the battle(s) that appear.  for things happen quickly at

times and auto-building can help reinforce your losses,

which (at times) can at least save whatever point stressed

by enemy invasion if not (or even) your base i t s e l f.

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