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Balance Patch by Black Star

Version syntax: vRelease.Revision


Eldar Changes

Reduced brightlance platform health to 1000 HP...


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Balance Patch by Black Star

Version syntax: vRelease.Revision


Eldar Changes

Reduced brightlance platform health to 1000 HP.

Increased Vyper health to 800 hp.

Reduced Guardian health to 150 HP.

Decreased cost per unit for rangers to 60 requisition.

Changed Warp Spider cost to 30 power, 45 requisiton.

Increased Warp Spider health to 330 HP.

Space Marine Changes

Slightly increased scout accuracy while moving.

Increased Hellfire Dreadnought health to 2200 HP. Also increased piercing damage of it's missile launcher against vehicle_heavy.

Ork Changes

Made more choppy affect nob leader power klaw damage. However it does not increase power klaw damage as much as it does for choppas.

Shoota Boyz now have better accuracy than slugga boyz with the big shoota.

Slugga boyz' accuracy with rokkit launchers has been reduced. Tankbusta accuracy with rokkits has been increased.

Reduced cost of big shoota to 25 power.

Reduced gunz upgrade cost for waagh banners by 10 power.

Increased base waagh banner health to 900 HP.

Power Generators now have no pop requirement.

Rokkits now are available at pop 36, not 46.

Chaos Marine Changes

Halved defiler base autocannon damage. Also reduced it's penetration versus vehicle and building armor drastically. In addition, defiler health was reduced to 2400.

Sorcerer build time increased to 30 seconds. Cost increased to 75 power 200 requisition. Increased his hitpoints to 1000 as well.


General Changes

Added farseer, sorcerer, big mek, and librarian to the color preview screens.

Eldar Changes

Fleet of Foot has been given a one second delay, when you activate it, a second will pass before units are affected by it.

Banshees now have a charge speed modifier but not as powerful as it was in 1.2.

Warp spider cost twaked to 20 power 40 requisition, health buff remains.

Eldar D-Cannon fix: Nerfed it's damage to buildings but kept friendly fire.

Ork Changes

Slugga choppas and stormboy choppas now stun for a brief moment (.5-1 second). Sluggas now have a better charge speed modifier (1.5 as opposed to 1.3).

Slugga rokkits now do less damage than shoota rokkits, and tankbusta rokkits do more damage than shoota rokkits. Rokkits have also been pushed forward to 26 pop requirement.

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Download 'balance_bsv0_2.rar' (117KB)


Balance BS, by Black Star

Version 0.2

Last Modified: 6/2/2005
All warhammer 40k elements, such as units, names, and all trademarked material, are property of Games Workshop. This mod pretty much doesn't belong to me though.

I don't care if you steal it or anything, but make sure to keep it updated! That and rename the mod so there's no confusion.

BS stands for Black Star, my name on relic forums. Not bull**** but I guess it could if this mod is terrible.
This mod was designed to alleviate the severe balance problems in Dawn of War patch 1.3. It is an unnofficial mod created by a user, not relic.

Copy the folder Balance_BS and
the file Balance_BS.module into
your Dawn of War directory.

Copy the Balance BS shortcut to
your desktop.

Note: You will have to change
the target of the shortcut if 
you did not install Dawn of War 
to it's default path.
To play the mod, simply access Dawn of War using the provided shortcut. To access the game normally, simply use the default shortcut.

This message will self destruct in 1.7x10^8 seconds.
Email: tharizdun@gmail(.com)

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