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A nice big Ork Tank for your usage... Looks a little like a Ork-Mamoth should it have come from Red Alert ;)


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A nice big Ork Tank for your usage... Looks a little like a Ork-Mamoth should it have come from Red Alert ;)

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Download 'battle_fortress_mod10alpha.rar' (1.36MB)

Warning - This is an Alpha version, & may still have bugs in it.

---Battle Fortress Modification, version 1.0Alpha---

Hello & welcome to the Ork Battle Fortress Mod, presented to you by Zany Reaper, Them_Apples & Skills.

This mod adds the Ork Battle Fortress into Dawn of War:  Winter Assault.  Just the Battle Fortress & its weapons - that's it!
So no need to worry about anything else (except for possible bugs, which can be posted at the Filefront download entry)!

So, here's a bit of Background on the Battle Fortress (I'll take this off if it's considered illegal by the owners):
As Battlewagons grow, with more weapons & firing platforms being added they slowly become Battle Fortresses.  Like all Ork vehicles there is no standardization & these vehicles can come in all sorts of shapes & sizes (not ours though unfortunately!), but regardless of their appearance they are all heavily armoured & bristling with big gunz & big shootas.”

So, that’s basically what a Battle Fortress is described as, & we’ve all worked hard to bring this beast of a vehicle in game.


 Extract the Battlefortress & Battlefortress.module into the root directory of your Dawn of War installation.  To run it, use the .bat file provided with the mod.
If that fails to work, then just run the mod from the game manager.


7500 HP;
Medium vehicle armour;
Slow vehicle;
Transports 2 squads maximum;
Has a melee attack;
One Ork Kannon;
2 Zzap gunz;
one Rokkit launcha;
3 twin-linked big shootas;
One rear (experimental) big shoota;
One Death Roller (Krusha).


I’d like to give thanks to:

Them_Apples – for making the model & textures;
Skills – for making the original (albeit slightly buggy) animations;
Kindred_Ravens – for the drawing!

Zany Reaper

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