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The Blood Angels are one of the first Space Marine Chapters and have fought ferociously for the Imperium in countless battles throughout the centuries. Yet, there are whispers of a taint. More than their zeal for the Emperor seems to drive them to acts of bloodshed. This bloodthirsty behavior has raised eyebrows among the Blood Angels’ Imperial allies and raised questions within the Inquisition.

What those outside the Blood Angels fail to realize is that each member of this Chapter is haunted by the constant danger of falling into the Black Rage. 10,000 years ago, when their noble Primarch Sanguinius was slain fighting the traitorous Warmaster Horus, the self-sacrificial and brutal manner of Sanguinius’s death scarred his descendents for eternity. To this day, the memories of this final moment lurk in the minds of all Blood Angels. This is their blood-curse. A mere moment of inattention will cause them to lose their minds to their fury over their Primarch’s sacrifice.

Like Sanguinius, the Blood Angels are masters of close combat. This is due to their unending desire to tear the enemies of the Imperium to pieces, barehanded when possible. Those Blood Angels who are consumed by the Black Rage form special suicide squads known as the Death Company. These Space Marines would rather die fighting the enemies of the Imperium rather than degenerate into raving madmen.

Regardless of the thirst for bloodshed, no one in the galaxy can dispute the Blood Angels’ battle record. This Chapter has been at least partially responsible for many of the major victories of the Imperium’s long history.

That was quoted from the games workshop site. Anyway this is what I've changed in the actual game itself. All blood Angels have an inherant bonus in mellee combat.

Commander Dante: This guy subsititues for your force commander but due to animation limitations hes isn't the killer that the regular Force commander is. However he has a melta pistol which is great and he is an assualt model. He alos has the death ability which has a morale reducer on enemies in close combat. He also has the Blood Rage abilities.

Librarian: He is essentially the same except he has the quickening ability which gives an attack bonus in melee.

Baal Predator: This is an extremely powerful anti-infantry Tank. It can really lay the smack-down on enemy infantry.

Furioso Dreadnought: This is a dreadnought that use only melee attacks. It can also use the over-charge ability to chase down escape. He actually has an underslung melat gun. It ignores vehicle armour.

Tac squad: They now only have two upgrades after all insane blood thirsty killers can't be trusted to weild heavy weapons.

Death company: These guys are bad. They are really hard to kill and are best meatsheidls in the game. However the red thirst casues them to slowly lose health. Also they upgrade to a chaplain leader.

Honor Guard: These guys are the shiznite! They have powerful weapons and can really tun the tide of battle.

Terminators: The only change I've made her is to add a sergeant.

Anyway Im always interested in feed back.



To install this mod just extract this folder to C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\ and you're done.
When you want to play Blood Angels, run "Blood Angels Mod.BAT"
When you want to play regular Dawn of War, run Dawn of War as you usually do.

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