Brain Boyz Hill



Changes Since V1.1:

* Enormous amounts of texture work; Cracks, fire, steam added to hill. Ash laid around the burnt trees. Rubble laid around starting positions. Paths added to starting quarter of map. Grass texture changed. * Negative cover added under flames/lava on hill * New hills and valleys added to break up map further, with light cover on each * The passage which goes around the back of P1, P4, P5, P8 now runs under complete cover of a tree, making a little hidey hole. * Relics moved onto Hill to encourage going there. Listening posts now where Relics were * Doors all aligned with Arches * Tidied up all the impassable terrain (hopefully) * More zoggin tree's added. Of course.



Ok, you must be getting sick of me keep modifying this map, but this SHOULD be the final version... I think I've incorporated as much feedback as I possibly can; it should play much better, and what prettification I could squeeze out of myself is done. The question is, will I ever get to actually play it online with anyone...? One can only dream, can't we? Anyway, unless there is something majorly wrong, I'm going to try and force myself to not edit it further ... Orkzus ain't meant for re-releasing! Screenshotz and whatnotz follow!

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