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The map works best as a 4 vs 4 team game, but will work as a 2v2v2v2 but probably not a free for all. It plays much quicker, and more tactic...


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The map works best as a 4 vs 4 team game, but will work as a 2v2v2v2 but probably not a free for all. It plays much quicker, and more tactically, as a Take And Hold game, especially when playing with the (Doors, Human Only) map... but either works fine for Annihilation.

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Download 'z_hill_ge_installer.exe' (5.56MB)


"Cuz Green Is Speshul"

A Map For Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War

By Ian "Titler" Hodgkinson

SCAR Code by "Dyselon"

Released 13th July 2005.


If you are reading this, you've just installed Brainboy'z Hill GE.

You DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING MORE to play the map. It'll be nice and snug where it needs to go, and it's ready and raring to do so.

2 new loading images will also be created at...
"Where ever DoW is\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP\Loading"
...and are not necessary for the level to run. You may delete them to save disc space if you wish.


If you have already downloaded 1.2 or earlier will find this version will NOT have over written your prior versions; the two new versions of the map now follow the naming convention of "8p_brainboyz_hill_GE_titler" and "8p_brainboyz_hill_GE_V2_titler" if you wish to locate them. 

The differences between the GE and 1.2 version are;

* The main map now shows as "Brainboyz Hill GE (8) (Doors, Human Only) and now has the following introduction description:

""Oi! Listen up ladz!" Roared Ugluk "Dey call diz Brainboyz Hill, coz ya gotta' be smart ta take it...! But don't ya worry, yer boss 'ere is full of der needed Orky Kno-wotz, and 'ee says ya should er... hop yer stormboyz over da wall, whilst you ladz blow da zoggin doors off! Yer, dat sounds about right. So you all stick by old Ugluk and yer'll be fine! Now follow me... er, um... datta way!"

The doors are set to neutral, as previously. AI cannot attack neutral doors, nor will it jump over anything, hence why this is recommended for humans only. 

* The second map HAS HAD ALL DOORS REMOVED, and shows as "Brainboyz Hill GE (8) (No Doors), it has the following description;

"" 'Ang on a minute Boss, deres no doorz on diz Hill, wotz goin' on?!" Ugluk thought for a minute. . . then another minute. . .  30 minutes later he said "I fink dats so dem kompooter fingies can 'ave a go too. But yer still gotta run up da Hill, blastin' away an' going Waaagh!, which Orkzus always does betta dan anyone else, so we'z still gunna win!" "

This map allows of for any number of Human/AI players without breaking the symmetry of the map, and also for the AI to get onto the hill as fast as the players can.

* The game icon in the lobby will now show correctly, and not pink. Pink iz fer weedy oomies! Please see the end of the ReadMe for how to correct all your other map files manually.

* There is now a SCAR document, which codes to destroy buildings on the central hill (marked by the radius of the shattered trees). This is purely a balance change, to prevent Eldar Webway gate building around the central critical, thus ensuring every race has to fight up and then hold the hill in the same manner, and can't just cheese out a victory.

* There is a custom jungle Detail included, to replace the green Texture Stamping in the upper and lower quartiles. This looks best at high graphical settings.

* Some tidying up of flame boxes, whose pinkey bitz were visible

* 4 new craters with heavy cover added to the hill.

* A little bit of fog tweaking, to make it less intense.

* Minor terrain changes on the river banks, plus some free Gretchin!

* The doors to the hill are now merged more asthetically with the surrounding grass. Some Other minor texture additions.


You may still use the 1.2 version of Brainboyz Hill, with team owned doors which AI can fire upon... this map of course remains limited to 8 players only, as if a team isn't in, neither are it's doors. And the AI can't get onto the Hill until the doors are down, those stoopid gitz. If you do not have 1.2 already, it may be downloaded here:;38847x#547526

The file for the map with team owned doors is "8p_brainboyz_hill_V2_titler". The other file is an earlier version of the (Doors, Human Only) map refered to above, minus the minor changes. You do not need it, but it will allow you to play with people who only have the 1.2 edition. 

Basic Gameplay:

The map works best as a 4 vs 4 team game, but will work as a 2v2v2v2 but probably not a free for all. It plays much quicker, and more tactically, as a Take And Hold game, especially when playing with the (Doors, Human Only) map... but either works fine for Annihilation. 

Thank You's: 

To the following people, for beta-testing the map design:

Aidan "Darkblood" Musson
Rosey "Freyy" Farish
Sean "SparhawkUK" Wright
"Hanna" ( for far too much help to ever list here.
"Star Wars Kid"
"Aralez" for suggesting extra features... and more lumpy terrain! And extra Pink Bitz spottin' for the pre-release on Green Edition
"Argonought" for extremely useful feedback, in particular suggesting the Relics be moved to the Hill
Five Scal Louis "[UKT]Khornite", who so far holds the playtesting record.  

To the following, who helped suggest solutions to problems upon the way;
"Dyselon" and "Finaldeath" for SCAR coding for Get Yer Grotz On!, which has found it's way into this map too.
"Hanna" + "Star Wars Kid" for confirming problems with The GIMP and it's reversing .tga files. 
"Hanna" again for initial Mini Map and Icon files; since replaced with own when the map changed shape, but the numbers on the Icon remain hers.
"Hanna" once more, whose code to find the registry key for use with the installer I filched... :)
"Tigerwolf" and the good people at for offering of beta hosting space.
"Nevin" for pointing me towards as another host for the level.

The folks at for hosting this level, and the beta version before this. 

A Special Thank You; To Jan Watson, for the thrill of encouraging my boots to fill with salty, sandy water.


Find all the files in "DoW\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP" with the name "Mapname_icon.tga" and change them to "Mapname_icon_custom.tga". If they still show pink, make sure all the icons are saved with RTS compression OFF.

LEGAL YADDA DADDA: Feel free to distribute this level via free electronic media;  after all, no map is as good if played alone, is it? 
However, please keep this Readme with the map, and do not claim authorship of the map in it's entirety. Also, you may not commerically exploit this map in any way, without the authors express written permission.

The jungle Detail is not drawn by myself, but is provided by PlanIT 3d who holds the copyright, used under the conditions as given from the following webpage;


Please peruse the following links; The more custom maps that are played, the stronger the community will become, and the more content will be produced for you. And please, PLEASE leave feedback... If no one ever says what they think of the stuff that's out there, how will they ever be improved upon? 

The current hosting of Map Packs I & II, both of which have proven extremely popular online;

The Adeptus Modificatus: The official Relic Boards, where Maps and Mods are born

Hosting Sites:

Hanna's Dow Map Pack Installer, from which I snaffled code:


Get Yer Grotz On!;43349

8 player Runt on Runt action! Bite, stab, and run away your way to victory!

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