Breach - King of the hill

Breach - King of the Hill is a 2 v 2 map that has a main focus on a central choke point of which players are advised to take. A critical po...


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Breach - King of the Hill is a 2 v 2 map that has a main focus on a central choke point of which players are advised to take. A critical point is located in that position, it is also surrounded by 4 strategic points. Holding the central position will give the player a certain economical advantage, and if used right, can also give the player a secondary base to start the player's assault with.

The map is solidly designed, and has open fields varying in hill sizes and all. The map however, lacks a bit in detail, but seeing how this is the author's first map, it is quite impressive.

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Breach map is a large scale 2v2 map based on a central chokepoint wherein the only critical point is located, there are also 4 strategic points inside. The team which holds this chokepoint will have an advantage during the game as troops inside the fortress type chokepoint will be entrenched in light and heavy cover, while there is negative cover in the gateways as troops will be in the open line of heavy fire from defenders.

It is recommended that players 1 + 2 are allied to team 1. While players 3 + 4 are allied to team 2.

This is my first map so constructive critisism please, to help me improve and release further maps =]


"When you save your first map, you will need to create some folders first. Go into your C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/W40k/Data folder. Now create a new folder called "Scenarios". Open up the scenarios folder and create a new folder in there called "MP". Place all of your map files in this folder."*
*Quoted from -

The map should then appear in your list for skirmish maps.

This map may be edited or modified at the users will, but if published or shown to others then credit must be given.

Other than that... Have fun :)

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