Cape Tod

8 player, 4v4, 4 Critical Points, 8 Relics and 25 Strategic Points, DoW:WA not required. A huge fortress overlooks Cape TOD, once the locat...


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8 player, 4v4, 4 Critical Points, 8 Relics and 25 Strategic Points, DoW:WA not required. A huge fortress overlooks Cape TOD, once the location of a thriving fishing village abandoned due to volcanic activity. You and your enemy have occupied the East and West strongholds. Look out for choke points and alternate routes of attack. Space is at premium in the strongholds, so positions 4 and 8 are outside by the shore. Have fun stormin' the castle ;)

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Cape TOD


Extract the *.SGB AND *.TGA files to your map directory.  Typically this would be C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP.  For your convenience, I've included a batch file which will extract the files to the appropriate location if you installed DoW using the default settings.


I think this is pretty simple.  Feel free to share and distribute this map, provided you don't make any money in the process.

Notes from the author;

Not everyone will like this map, while I feel some will love it.  I made this map with a couple of goals in mind.  First, DoW:WA is not required, and no custom textures were used.  Second, I wanted to make a map with a lot of elevation change but still easy to navigate around with a minimum of changing camera angles.  For this reason I went with the diamond map configuration.  The map is actually 512x512 meters, but due to the map configuration the opposing bases are around 1000 meters apart for non-jumping units, and around 700 meters for jumping units.  The hope is this will give the feel of a larger map while lessening the lag a larger map might result in.  I love big ole' blood baths, so the stonghold entrances are choke points designed to make the most of them. 

The strongholds can be restrictive spacewise, so those preferring alot of room to build infrastructure, especially Imperial Guard, should preferrably be players 4 or 8, as they are down by the shore with more room available.  From testing, I concluded that letting an AI controlled Imperial Guard ally inside the stronghold is a VERY BAD idea, as it tends to sprawl out and take over everything.  I also found that with the DaWN OF SKIRMISH MOD, the AI is seems much more efficient about building space.  The steps up to the catwalks surrounding each stronghold are restrictive by design.  Ground vehicles cannot go up them. Also, a new Assault Marine squad can jump onto a catwalk, while a fully grown one cannot.  Consequently, this can cause a bottle neck when ordering units onto a catwalk.

For those having trouble navigating around, there are paths just outside the opposing strongholds leading down to the shoreline that can accomodate any unit, even the baneblade.  These two paths should be the only placing requiring a change of camera angle.  The center stronghold may be the only ground route to the enemy, but it isn't the only one, so watch your back.

Though I have no plans to update or change this map, words of advice or encouragement are always welcome.  Have fun playing. ;-)

Contact Information;

Filefront ID = T_O_D 

aka The Other Dave

digital_smith AT yahoo DOT com

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