Carnage Plaza

Little remains of this economic center but battle-scarred trenches and the ash of a thousand wars. The center's former lanes now serve as...


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Little remains of this economic center but battle-scarred trenches and the ash of a thousand wars. The center's former lanes now serve as trenches for soldiers fighting their way across the barbwire high ground. Will you marshal your army toward the buried relic, or risk exposure along the treacherous roads?

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File Information

Max Players: 6
Size: 256x256
Version: 1.0
Date: 13 Dec. 2004
Author: Terran Fist (

Extract the map and files to your \w40K\Data\Scenarios\MP folder

Please send your comments to: Your feedback is appreciated.

Style of Play:

3v3 Multiplayer (2 teams max). Player teams should be on opposite sides. In other
words, this is a "Kasyr Lutien" type map where the players who are teamed up have
contiguous bases. If you are new to multiplayer you can achieve this a
few ways:

1. Use "player set teams" and make sure the top three players are on team 1,
and the bottom three players are on team 2. With this setup, the start 
position setting can be on either Fixed or Random (because random 
will group by side). 

2. If your teams are mixed up, say with players on team 1 in game slots #1,#4, and #6, 
for example, then be sure to set starting location to Random. Random will group
by side. If you use Fixed starting locations with mixed team slots, then whoever is
in game slot 4 on the starting screen will end up in Position 4 of the map, which is
not what you want.

3. Otherwise, use autoteams, set teams set to 2. 

This map was _not_ designed for 2v2v2 play. Play it like Kasyr Lutien and you will be

Great for Take and Hold.
Also fun for skirmishes against the computer wth 5 Insane AI.  

Tactical Considerations

This is a map that rewards artillery use, as the trenches provide safe positions
for vehicles, provided the enemy doesn't take special effort to assault your lines.
Well positioned artillery targeting the flanking roadways also make passage into 
base areas difficult and can slow a ground force just enough pull defenders to 
entrenched positions.  

The use of vehicles as transports is also encouraged, because it allows you to
move infantry through negative cover areas rapidly without suffering casualties.

Limited base territory means economic upgrades are essential.

Version History.
Version 1.0 -- Initial Release

A special thanks to: alyandon, tetsubo, Insane John, wormwood, and all my other
buds who playtested the beta version.

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