Chaos Labyrinth



1v1 labyrinth-like map. There are two relics, one critical location, and 13-16 strategic points.



Chaos Labrynth

A labrith made by the dark forces of Chaos in honour of their Dark Gods. Rain eerily falls from the sky, even though this dark place is under ground. Many a poor soul has lost their life down here, either to the force of Chaos, or to insanity, do to the constant dead ends and no way out.............

This is a 1v1 map that is supposed to function like a labrith.
Getting to the enemies base, either of the 2 relics, and to the 1 critical location will take a long time.

For a better playing veiw on this map, just angle the camera to an over head position. This should make playing this map much easier.

On this map, there are:

2 relics
1 critical location
13-16 strategic points, im not sure exactly.

To install, place files here: C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\scenarios\mp. You may need to create these folders.

P.S. To make this map more like a labryinth, dont use jump troops or artillary.

I appologize for not having any screen shots.

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