Claustrophobia 2

claustrophobia_2.zip —


A medium-sized 8 player map set in a completly bombed-out city. Massive shelling ha caused damage to just about every building and therefore you can enter just about every building and house to house fighting will be paramount. Attrition will play a major part because in the centre of the map are two critical locations. What is unique is that they are in WWI-style trenches. If you want to use vehicles, you'll have to go up either flank so they can have enough space to manouver them. Eve nthen, in can be a tight squeeze.




Don't waste money in vehicles, the only place you can use them in up
either flank and even then, they are in the open. Use all available 
cover, you're goin to need it. 
Put everything that isn;t a picture (.jpeg) and isn't called readme into
this directory "Dawn of War/WH40k/Data/Scenarios/MP"
If it does not exist create the files by hand.
                             Other Notes
-Took me 10+ hours to make
-Those black, half-sphere things on the ground are mines and only
infantry, if there's enough space, can get by them. 
-Most of the time, you can move through barbed-wire unless it's really
dense. if they can move through it, it is negative cover.
-This map is best player with thinking, human players.

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