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Codex SM Race

sorce_codexedtor_sm01d.zip —


Well one night i trided to play a game of tak and hold and it took 10 trys to get so one to play right and go for the objective tye just wen staight to the base and well if you have tried gitting a game going like that there is all ways one person who just dosent get it and messes the whole thng up. and the way the game is its not like the table top game i know so im trying to modify it to meet me and my frends needs for 40k and not piss people off with a table full of lettle modles all night or 4. officialy I am the only one working on this and it is far from finshed. but there are 3 others who dont want mention yet that had a lot to do with this. but the one workin on the code is me so please send any comments here



to edit this file you need director 8 + and you should know director this movie looks simple but trust me if you dont know dont touch or it you will mess it up and it wont work and youll be asking me and ill tell you what i tell every one else lessons director lessons arnt cheep and lingo is kinda weard and not normal at all and i have taken full advantage af it but...

If you know nothing about director this and other things you can find online and at the book store should help it realy is easy no matter what i have said befor if you know. and if you know and have a hard time with lingo your welcome and keep your trap shut and just use it to make money no one will care Im the one who made it and well it dosent do any good sitting on a disk in my personal lyb of crap. 

if you want more direcotr stuff just ask and ill see what i can do

ok so that all said

I have comented some ofe the code in this movie but not all

some sprites must be set or movie wont run and must be present eaven if off the stage for movie to run 

you should look around the movie and at the scripts and see what I have done here it is every where

the lmaindo main movie script in the internal score is where all the handlers are stored and well if you laugh trust me i have a long memroy and well so its kind of an inpotant threat but be nice the evolution process for this part of this movie is all there most of it is commented out but youll hopefuly get the logic 

i also use cast as a database to hold some var names so changing a castmember name could realy mess with things also some casts use some of there cast mambers the exchange and hold temp info

I am allways playing with this dir movie and variations of it and allways improving it if you would like to contribute to this project cool  ill see if your code can fit or works better couse some of it needs work 

oh you say well he used text cast members with scroling turned on well look im in a hurry and want to get this out and every thing ingluding sliders and button and dinamic scrolling text boxes are there and way more so i dont wana hear it...lol wow im bitchy.

so knowing that be nice.

may the god emperor protect
my brothers in battle and 
bring them home safe...

may he burn the heritic 
with the hand of the 

may he let me fight more 
often and destroy the
alians who threten humanity
online more often...

may top get the frigin
game allready...or ill ask 
for the 50...just to be a richard

may he watch over
humanity in this 
time of darkness...


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