Codex SM Race Patch

codex_patch_01a.zip —


This file is required for DOW to not crash every time you try to play sory for any one who down loaded the first to find out that a patch with all my content including other mod races like nids space wolves like the first verson online cadin inquisition 3. somthing and the zoom feature form epic and total war along with the vet-terminator so lots of combined mods and well now codex_space_marine._race will now work



to install this file
1. unzip codex_patch_01a.zip
1a. creates a folder called ...codex_patch_01... in it you will find a folder ...attrib...
2. copy folder in to ...\THQ\Dawn of War_org\W40k\Data
3.game is fixed and now you have eaven mere and i meen way more than before with the pluss of it working and all...

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