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An updated mod from Me me. More details are below!


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An updated mod from Me me. More details are below!

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Download 'codex_table_top_sim_epic06a.rar' (8.77MB)

new updates for codex_table_top_sim_05a and codex_table_top_sim_epic_06a

new up date for codex_table_top_epic_06a

this will only work with codex_table_top_epic only the titans for the orignal DOW epic mod im working on and for the half scale mod as well but if you want a bad time you can try it in another mod 

but im working on that problem for every one who likes to play the normal way look back in a few weeks for your titans

Im going to repeate my self THIS MOD ONLY WORKS WITH CODEX_TABLE_TOP_SIM_04a small or epic
enough of that...

Titans update

new units
chaos giant deamon defiler
eldar wrath titan
ork killa Titn'
guard they dont have titans but look for a bain blaid soon
space marines hell fire derad titan and one other

and thanks to one of your comments i have fixed the mod so you dont have to mess with it too much except for the camera_high.lua ther is really nothing to wory about any more for playing purposes

normal and small are now parting ways sory bout that but i cant help it now that we are using some temp placeholder models

each mod is not an up date but can be treated a such every thing will work fine if used as a patch but back versons are not neaded

this update new troops

thousand sons "wow the get up only troop that can be renforced"
plague marines
lord retenue
new demon pack
daemon guard
daemon sargent
and of corse every thing from last verson

scorpion artilrey
striking scorpions
wrath guard
jet bikes
storm guardians
fire dragons
and every thing from last verson

armord fist two lay outs
lemun russ executioner
lemun russ vanquisher iv
lemun russ vanquisher vii
lemun russ concouer
and every thing from last update

--trator guard
got nothing there trators to bolth men and eldar

but they mite start taking to theaving ifnyawant

well they came across some sleapy arogent marines "the imperial fist" and well looted every thing form the marines form armor to ammo
they also over run an imperial world and looted the armory there and stool plans for an imperial titan not sure if they can make use of it but those gretchen are clever.
dreadnoughts why they stole them i dont know they are now use with out the sarcofigis
all russ varients
lemun russ executioner
lemun russ vanquisher iv
lemun russ vanquisher vii
lemun russ concouer
land raders
thunderhawk drop ships
land speaders
--new ork troops
burna boyz
stikka boyz
skar boyz
'ard boyz

--space marines
well they got the rip and well hay there tough enough now except im working on the terminators

--new gunz
every one got some

well now that this part is mostly done ist just polishing it up and making and editor that works with all the races but now that i can focus on that it should happen soon not sure when 1 maby two weeks but you have herd that form me befor all i can say is i had to have this first after building the first one i knew it would be easer if i did one thing at a time it would happen faster.

first uninstall the old codex mod
1 remove contents of data folder form ....\thq\dawn of war\w40k\....
2 unzip and find ... ... and find all files and folders in ...\codex_table_top_sim_epic06a\... 
2a list of files
    and a folder \codex_table_top_sim\
    and a folder \Engine\
2b copy all to ...\thq\dawn of war\....
3 run codex_table_top_sim.bat play have fun and be glad some one said somthing

1 un zip and copy data folder to ...\thq\dawn of war\w40k\...
2 copy file camera_high.lua to floder ...\thq\dawn of war\engine\data\...
3 play have fun with this mod

1 remove contents of data folder form ....\thq\dawn of war\w40k\codex_table_top_sim\....
2a remove list of files from ....\thq\dawn of war\w40k\....

2 remove camera_high.lua file from ...\thq\dawn of war\engine\data\...
3 play have fun with the old

one note nerglings dont show up well in small and are easy to loose

[email protected]

have fun and let me know what you want to keep and maby see

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