Community Map Pack 1



If you have already downloaded the Maproom Community Map Pack, there is no reason to re-download this file. All you need is to download the patch available at http://www.bitcheswithglitches.com/dow/mappacks/ and that will fix the error in the minimap and map icon for Bridge Too Far. That is the only difference between the two files.

This will not effect online play in any way. It just looks nicer to have to correct minimap file.

I'm really sorry this happened. It *won't* happen for Map Pack II as we are putting in measures to avoid this from happening again.

I apologize for this error.



For Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War. It's an executable auto-installer file with more information in the installer itself. All you need to do is download it, run it (double-click, use the "Run" utility, use the command-line, I don't care how you do it), and enjoy! It won't write over any of the maps you already have, but it will add fancy map icons and minimaps if the map didn't have them before. So, even if you already have all the maps, you can download this to super-charge the maps you already have! No viruses or crap like that. No spyware. Just fantastic Dawn of War maps for you to enjoy.

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