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=2.2a= Fixed startup bug


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=Corsix's DoW Mod Manager V2.2a=
=    Built on SvK's Research   =

Make sure your Dawn of War is patched to version 1.1 or above.
Make sure you have M$ VB6 SP5 runtimes:
Just extract ModManager22.exe and ModManager2Assist.dll to a folder and run ModManager22.exe.

=First Run=
Confirm the Dawn of War path and press OK to continue.
A file called ModManager2.ini will be created along with two folders in your DoW folder (Multimod and Multimod\Data)
=Setting up new mods=
Dawn of War v1.1+ mods will be automatically detected (use installer that comes with the mod / unzip to <Dawn of War> folder - Usually C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War)
To convert mods installed into Mod Manager 1.2, copy/unzip ModManager2Migration.exe to the folder you installed Mod Manager 1.2 and run it from there.
Or if the wizard fails you can read MigrationGuide.txt and convert your mods by hand.
=Enabling and Disabling mods=
Select the mod in the manager and press the [>] or [<] button.
To enable or disable all mods press the [>>] or [<<] button.
=Removing mods=
First disable it. Then use the uninstaller that came with the mod (or delete the mods .module file and its folder)

Email me or post on the forums.

==Version History==
Fixed startup bug
Fixed multiplayer play bug
Added mod / mod manager update system
Added advanced options window
Fixed non 'data' data folders bug
Hopefully fixed bug with ModManager2Migration.exe
Added tooltips to buttons
Buttons automatically grey themselves if they will have no effect
Slightly modified the readme
Rewritten from the ground up
No longer allows for more than one DoW installation
Colours removed (people disliked them)
Automatic detection of mods
Uses DoW 1.1 mod system (thus needs DoW 1.1 or higher)
Added buttons to launch the game (with or without activated mods)
Added compatability for DoW 1.1 patch
Allows for more than one DoW installation
More colourful!
Fixed online play bug. (Couldn't play online even with no mods enabled)
Inital Release

==Legal Bit==
You run this program at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to your computer / dawn of war installation as a result of installing/running this program.
If anything does happen then email me/post on the forums however I may not assist.
(I know it sounds kinda harsh but it has to go in)

[email protected]

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