Corsix's Mod Studio

CDMS_055.zip —


Corsix's Mod Studio is free and open source modding tool for Relic Entertainment's "Dawn of War", "Dawn of War: Winter Assault", "Dawn of War: Dark Crusade", "Company of Heroes" and "Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts". It allows modification of:

  • Unit, building & vehicle stats (RGD files)
  • Textures and UI elements (TGA/DDS/RGT files; CoH only)
  • Model materials (RGM files; CoH only)
  • AI and map scripts (AI/SCAR files)
  • Compiled FX files (BFX files; CoH only)
  • Locilized text (UCS files)

It also allows:

  • Loading and creating game data archives (SGA files)
  • Viewing and burning data generic unit stats (LUA files)
  • Creating and running RGD macros (LUA files)

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