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Release Notes Hotfix v0.65 Redesigned Tech-Tree We got lots of requests to streamline the tech tree. It seems that the amount of possible...


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Release Notes Hotfix v0.65 Redesigned Tech-Tree We got lots of requests to streamline the tech tree. It seems that the amount of possible researches are simply to much for most of the players. Most of the limitations have been removed to allow you to play Online Games with other races.

• We included some researches into the Headquarter upgrade (Tier 1 and 2). So now as soon as you upgrade your HQ to Tier 1 or 2 your units will improve automatically. 1.) Grey Knights Nemesis Force Weapon damage is increased 2.) Grey Knights Space Marine, Inquisitorial and Steel Legion troops health increases 3.) Grey Knights max amount of Weapon Upgrade +1 per Tier • We removed the Honourable Inquisitor. You will start with a worthy Command unit instead - Inquisitor Lord Coteaz himself. • Holy Inquisition is no longer needed for the Librarian building. Thus you can start building Chamber Militant (Grey Knights) or Steel Legion Barracks and have weapon upgrades. Well the building itself is no longer needed. The production of units was transferred into the Thunderhawk. • The Exterminatus Activatus building is no longer needed. The Chamber Militant has been altered to allow Deep-Striking Grey Knights right from the beginning (as mentioned in the codex) • The Grey Knight Brother Captain is only available as Terminator squad leader upgrade. But cannot be purchased any longer as a “command” unit. • The Grey Knight Grand Master is necessary to have access to Terminators and Dreadnoughts and Land Raider. But no Relique is required anymore for the Grey Knights, just like it is mentioned in the codex. • Assault Terminators are no longer available. • Research for the Assassins is now included in the base price and will be available as the Tier (HQ level) increases. • The Steel Legion had a hard time. Mainly because they hit nothing due to low accuracy. Well DoW offers the possibility to upgrade units by spending more resources than usually. We did it that way and now the Guard hits 20% better and cost 5 resources more. So now they are nearly as good as Space Marines concerning the accuracy. They still die like flies


• Thunderhawk Stormbolter Firing Animation was buggy • Steel Legion Heavy Weapon Team had a looping die animation • Chimera, Salamander and Rhino could be placed and transported in each other this is no longer possible • The GK upgrades made them too strong in the end. The GK are now better in the beginning, but not as powerful as they were once full maxed up • Squad Leader Upgrades were too expensive, now the cots are calculated correctly • Acolytes were build too fast, no it takes more time to upgrade them • Squad Leader had not enough hitpoints, their values has been increased • Command Platoon is more expensive but has therefore more hitpoints

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