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Battle brothers, it has been a very good week for the Daemonhunters Mod. The Emperors light really shone on us.

We were able to make t...


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Battle brothers, it has been a very good week for the Daemonhunters Mod. The Emperors light really shone on us.

We were able to make the first move getting the models, we all like to see in the Daemonhunters Mod. frod joined the Mod team as modeller. CADster offered his help as freelance modeller and last but not least the Mod Team around Emperors Teeth (HIS Righteous Mod of the Imperial Guard) will share their models with us. We are in deep dept to those brothers-in-arms.

We also teamed up with DOWFiles (http://dawnofwar.filefront.com) to give Daemonhunters Mod users a place to get free additional goodies for DOW.

And we are proud to offer you the latest Daemonhunters Mod version 0.3 with lost of new units and features (multiplayer, research for Grey Knights and Inquisition and Imperial Guard,…) We put the Daemonhunters through Hell and back. Too many battle-brothers were lost, but the prize was worth all the agony. We consider this release to have the up most quality, we could provide. Check it out.

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Download 'dowfiles_version.exe' (9.18MB)

-Version 0.3 can be used in Multiplayer Mode with or against Space Marines
- AI is still not implemented for Daemonhunters thus don't use them as allies or enemy,
  but it's save to play them against any other race (incl. Mods)
- Research is now supported for Daemonhunters 
- Inducted Cadian Platoon now have Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher
  - at HQ Level 1 - at their disposal

New Units:
- Grey Knight Brother Captain is now available as a cheaper alternative to a GK GM
  (no initial psychic power, less HPs than a Force Commander but better armed)
  please not that it is not a command unit (tp_infantry_heavy_high like SM Terminator)
- Inquisitorial Henchman - Skull Probe (available in HQ once you get an armoury)
- Team colour and some badges and banners were added 

- Inducted Cadian units are limited to 3 of each type. In order to represent that these units 
 "have been only temporarily put under the   command of the Inquisitor Lord" as stated in 
  the codex and taken into account that most units in the codex are limited to 0-1 selections.
- Inquisitors are limited to a maximum of 3.
- Inquisitorial Henchman are limited to a maximum of 4. 
  One squad for each possible Inquisitor (Lord) as  Inquisitor's retinue.
- Grey Knights Terminators are limited to a maximum of 2 squads.
- Grey Knights Terminators Assault are limited to a maximum of 2 squads.
- Terminator are now real Grey Knights Terminator  (i.e. better moral, psychic power,
   access to psycannon and incinerator but are more expensive and max 5)

-Tut_Ench created the grey knights badges and banners, the inquisition badges and 
 banners were published by Zazze. Download these and lots of more badges and stuff from
- Some of the new features where suggested and partly implemented by DeathsHeadIII
- We would like to say a big thank you to Mars_3K for "putting the Daemonhunters through Hell and back" 
   and thus locate most bugs in the preview release.

Bug fixes:
- Inquisitor's weapon skills where to high
- Research works now for Daemonhunters units, two separate research trees 
  one for Grey Knights and another one for Inquisitorial and Inducted Cadian units
- Icons will no longer disappear once you reached max upgrades
- Terminator were not accessible because the orbital relay of SMs was needed
- Twin-linked lascannons for Dreadnoughts also seem to be unattainable. 
- Imperial guardsmen units and henchmen had access to exterminatus activatus
  for drop deployment, now only the Grey Knights have this option
- Inquisitor used no cap, now 1 squad cap usage

Daemonhunters Mod (Ordo Malleus)
This Mod is dedicated to the Ordo Malleus the Daemonhunters of the Inquisition 
and it's Chamber Militant, the Grey Knights. As a Inquisitor Lord you have also 
access to inducted Imperial Guard troops (Cadian regiments).

  This Mod is in beta state. Please bear with us. 
  Use this mod at your own risk - and have fun. 

Daemonhunters (Ordo Malleus) Mod Team is a non-profit organisation. 
This Mod is distributed free of charge. You may copy and distribute this
mod as is, without any changes whatsoever.

Daemonhunters Mod Homepage: 

Visit our Relic Forums thread:  

Download the latest release: 

Daemonhunters Mod Team
Lead Coder:  
- OrdoMalleus (Germany)


- DarkWraith72
- AdamBomb (United Kingdom)

Download Hosting: 
- Kurti (Germany)

- AdamBomb (United Kingdom)
- akitoscorpio
- Mars_3K

- frod

Allied Forces:  
- KRMZ (France)
- DeathsHeadIII
- CADster (freelance modeler)
- HIS Righteous Mod of the Imperial Guard (models)

If you run a Mod yourself and you want to use parts of our code - contact us.
We are willing to share our knowledge as long as it will be done both-way.


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