Daemonhunters Mod



Daemonhunters Mod v0.77 - Patch 1.3 Hotfix

I would like to thank ByTe (Xnight) for converting the mod from 1.2 to 1.3

Changes • Grey Knight Dreadnought and the Hellfire variant has been reviewed – new model and new weapons based on the codex (see the vehicle section for more details – page 25) • Some weapon codes have been fixed.

Balancing issue (once more) • Henchman were too week compared to their costs and other races. They now use more squad cap, are more expensive and can be compared to Eldar Guardians or even SM Scouts • Grenade Launcher for Henchman was not available due to a bug that has been fixed, “new” weapon upgrade available when the Librarium has been build • GK Squads take one more squad cap than their equivalent SM counterpart, thus GK SM cost 3 cap • Gun-Servitor a new troop type giving Daemonhunters increased Heavy Firepower like Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta and Plasma Cannon. • Melta Damage has been reduced, while the rang has been increased, that should make them more useful. Multi-Melta is now available for Gun-Servitors, Dreadnought Multi-Melta is now as powerful as the previous Melta variant. (no matter how short ranged a weapon is DoW always use max range 25’’ thus Pistols (TT 12’’) and Shuriken Catapults (TT 12’’) double their range. In previous versions the melta gun had a range less than 15 and thus not always fired, now the range has been increased to 25’’ but the damage has been reduced dramatically) • Steel Legion gets access to grenade launchers as soon as a Librarium is build. • Acolyte has no longer access to Melta Bombs, use Henchman Melta Guns to counter enemy tanks. • GK Dreadnought and Hellfire Hitpoints have been considerably reduced. • Steel Legion Sergeant has no more Melta-Bomb • Land Raider gains the “Machine spirit” ability at HQ2 and has less HPs than the SM variant • Sacred Hull and Blessed Fist researches were too powerful, have dramatically been reduced, should be balanced now • Steel Legion Sentinels are no longer a squad of 1-3 but single units like any other vehicle, thus no more path finding problems and a lot weaker unit, squad cap is calculated correctly, too • Steel Legion Heavy Weapon Team armour type has been changed, they are more vulnerable now but still very good (infantry heavy high) • Inquisitorial Stormtrooper are much more expensive – like normal Space Marines – and have therefore a lot more hitpoints • Reduced cost of tier 3 by 100/50 and 25 seconds (like SM or Chaos) • Justicars and Acolyts gain this health increase, too (like Aspiring Champions and Space Marine Sergeants)


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