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- Costs (time and Res) for Call-Upon Add-Ons were reduced - Honourable Inquisitor now profits from research InqCad and Commande...


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- Costs (time and Res) for Call-Upon Add-Ons were reduced - honorable Inquisitor now profits from research InqCad and Commander Health upgrades - A special deep-strike squad of GKs is available as long as you own at least one relic. The squad is deployed with maximal amount of GKs, thus make them the choice to be send into the heat of battle - A special GK Terminator Deep-Strike squad is available if a GK Grand Master is present. This squad (one of each type: normal and assault) will be deployed with max squad strength (6 Terminators). - GK Justicar und GK Brother Captain now uses Storm Bolters - Melta-Bomb research for GK Justicar - Sergeant Upgrades now affect GK Justicar and GK Brother Captain - Sergeant Ranged Upgrades Storm Bolter à Psycannon Bolts - I took a closer look at the Weapon upgrades of Daemonhunters Command units and found some inconsistencies that result in a weaker Inquisitor Lord once the Sergeant Melee Upgrade was effective. These issue was addresses and fixed.. now there is an increase in power and damage. - GK Terminators and Justicar use now the same Nemesis Force Weapon “ which is a power weapon. Thus GK Terminators do less damage in close combat unless you have completed the œNemesis Force Weapon Research which is highly recommended for GK forces! - GK Terminator squad can now have a GB Brother Captain as Squad leader upgrade - I just realised that Coteaz can have up to 15 henchman with max 4 of each kind, thus the numbers have been adapted (i.e. 4 weapon upgrades) - GK do not receive a fixed bonus of 60 HPs due to their Aegis suites but get a multiplier of 1.2 (nothing changes for GK squads, but œbetter units get more HPs) - Moral Bonus for GK Justicar, Brother Captain and Grand Master were slightly increased. Expression the œinspiration GKs profit from when one of their leaders is around. - GK vehicle research: œSacred Hull (all GK vehicles), œBlessed Fist (Dreadnought)

Bug fixes: - GK accuracy upgrade research (level 1 and 2) were troublesome .. now fixed and recommended - Accuracy of GK melee weapon was too low - Upgrade Level 2 of the CadInq œSharpshooter Doctrine was useless, now fixed and recommended to use ;-)

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