Dark Fortress 2.1 EZScar

Dark Fortress 2.1 is Dark Fortress with complete soulstorm support.

Dark Fortress is a multiplayer scenario where you attack a fortress d...


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Dark Fortress 2.1 is Dark Fortress with complete soulstorm support.

Dark Fortress is a multiplayer scenario where you attack a fortress defended by a well-entrenched foe. You can have up to 4 Human players vs the computer opponent. As you add human players, the map will automatically adjust the difficulty of the AI (giving them more troops), ensuring the game is always a fun struggle for survival.

This game is the equivalent of attacking 9 different bases, each base having up to three well resourced players. Luckily, you do not have to face all their forces at one time.

All the enemy bases and troops (with two exceptions) are completely automatically generated, so the map shot looks very boring. But do not be deceived, there will be way too many enemies for your peaceful existence.

The beginning of the game gives you ample time to prepare your forces. Destroying the pitiful band of patrolling orks will start the first wave. And, just to give you a fighting chance, there will be a breather between the first wave and the second, again waiting for you to destroy a ragged ork band to start the next wave. But, take a deep breath before attacking that band. Once they are gone, you will not have a moment's rest until you have destroyed all the rest of the well-defended bases.

This map is generated using EZScar, a simple scar engine that takes most of the difficulty out of generating singleplayer or multi-player games. You can easily create triggered events (take a point, give a squiggoth), actions (Orks patrolling along a set path), guns firing, keep people from entering areas before they have accomplished tasks, and many other things.

Enjoy the map, and enjoy the EZScar script. Well sounds pretty nifty! Enjoy ~Gaffer

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Download 'dark_fortress2_1.zip' (4.57MB)

Dark Fortress 2.1
Added: Soulstorm support + minor changes to the map -- June 3, 2008.
	Support for Dark Eldar as player and as enemy
	Support for Sisters as player and as enemy
	Still lacking support for flying entities for enemy

Dark Fortress is a multiplayer map for up to 4 players against the AI.  The map 
uses EZScar, a script that automatically adjusts the difficulty for the number of 
players.  Player 2 should be your "enemy" AI player of any race you desire to
attack.  This map is race-aware, in that, any races you choose will be used,
even though most of the attacking and defending teams buildings are generated
automatically.  The map, while hard to lose, is still rather tough in spots.
It is an excellent map for those desiring a multiplayer scenario map.

To install it, unpack the contents of the zip file to your 
Dark CrusadeDXP2DataScenariosMP folder.

Or, if you have Soulstorm, put it into the soulstorm MP folder

It should create a "DataScenariosMPloading" directory with the loading image 
for Dark Fortress in it.

Along with this map is the documentation for EZScar, and one version of the 
EZScar script.  EZScar makes multiplayer or single-player scenario maps easy
to create.


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