Dawn of War Skirmish AI Mod

Prepare for a more enhanced Dawn Of War Skirmish Experience!

This project started after the release of Dawn Of War with the intent to bri...


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Prepare for a more enhanced Dawn Of War Skirmish Experience!

This project started after the release of Dawn Of War with the intent to bring to the global DoW community a more intense and satisfying AI opponent on the field of war. We hope you will agree that has been achieved with the understanding more is to be done in the future. Our work continues to evolve and in the coming months will make current efforts pale in comparison. However, you have to start somewhere and hot damn what a jumpstart!

Its been a slice from start to, well, continuing! We're so looking forward to enhancing the AI even further in the coming months!

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Download 'dawn_of_skirmish_v1.4_ai_mod_install.exe' (335KB)

Dawn Of Skirmish v1.4 RELEASE and Acknowledgements (Sept 15.2005)

Meet the Cast:
Thudo (Thudmeizer)..>> Team Lead/Coder/Gfx/Bonafied Cheerleader 
LarkinVB............>> Lead Coder/Scripter
Flenser.............>> Lead Coder/Scripter
Corsix..............>> Coder/Package Installer
Oozish..............>> Beta Tester
Markoso.............>> Beta Tester
Excedrin............>> Beta Tester/Coder
Malkor..............>> Beta Tester

Prepare for a more enhanced Dawn Of War Skirmish Experience!

This project started after the release of Dawn Of War with the intent to bring to the global DoW community a more intense and satisfying AI opponent on the field of war. We hope you will agree that has been achieved with the understanding more is to be done in the future. Our work continues to evolve and in the coming months will make current efforts pale in comparison. However, you have to start somewhere and hot damn what a jumpstart!

Its been a slice from start to, well, continuing! We're so looking forward to enhancing the AI even further in the coming months! 

A Personal Thanks
At this time I would like to personally thank all the participating members of the team:

LarkinVB, Flenser, Corsix, and our beta testers, Oozish, Markoso, Excedrin and Quitch (all who keep our work "in-perspective" and "on-track" with our ultimate goals of achieving the most competitive DoW AI opponent we can create!). 

Its through your dedication, patience, and technical expertise that allowed the work to commence and prosper. Without you fellers, there'd be a pittence of work compared to the greatness this project has become. We've come a long way and do sincerely hope to continue our expert correspondance into the future of the product.

This is to acknowledge that we take no personal responsibility for any hardware damage or data corruption brought forth by the use or installation of this DoW modification. As used, this modification works "as is" and has been thoroughly tested and should not cause any major problems. In the event, however, that something serious does occur, it is up to the user(s) of their computer(s) to make appropriate backups before any attempt is made to install the following DoW modification. Use at your own risk.

Whats In The Package?
o Main Installation Package containing the Enhanced DoW AI scripts (contains ONLY those .ai files that our team altered)
o Dawn Of Skirmish v1.4 README.txt (what your reading)
o Dawn Of Skirmish v1.4 Script Changes.txt - containing every script change as compared to the original DoW AI scripts (meant for faction modders to see what changes have been made)

Piece of Cake! Run the executable and it will extract to where your <installed Dawn Of War folder> is. 

Once installed, run the newly placed shortcut on your desktop &quot;Dawn Of Skirmish v1.4&quot; or from StartMenu/Programs/&quot;Dawn Of War Skirmish AI Mod&quot;. You will know if the modification is running when on the top-left section of the Dawn Of War Main Menu it will display: Dawn Of Skirmish v1.4. 

To uninstall this modification, go back to StartMenu/Programs/&quot;Dawn Of War Skirmish AI Mod&quot; and choose &quot;Remove Dawn Of Skirmish AI Mod&quot; to remove the modification from Dawn Of War. 


This version of the AI mod will NOT work on previous versions of Dawn of War so PLEASE update to v1.40! If you try to run this under anything other than v1.40 you'll get an error within the first minute of play and game will stop.

Whats New?

v1.4 Changes:
o v1.40 Game-Code compliant!
o Enhanced code to determine attack/defend behaviours.
o Lowered Chaos' Sorceror and raised Ork's Stormboys build priorities.
o Engineers should avoid suicide more often especially late-game.
o Fixed Ork Nob Squad not using our own custom tactic scripts.
o Uber units (ie. Chaos' Bloodthirster, Eldar's Avatar, and Ork's Squiggoth) should be more reliably built late-game.
o As always, many MANY other smaller/subtle tweaks/bugfixes/enhancements that you will eventually pick up as you play.

v1.3 Changes:
o AI dance/disengage code improved.
o Improved attach/detach code (ie. Eldar Platforms won't attach CC squads). Hurt commanders will be more safe too.
o No jump to locations squad can't leave on foot afterwards.
o Fixed broken Relic code for attached squads with FoF.
o Tweaked attack jump values.
o Limited reinforcements while capturing.
o Squad upgrades are now checked before reinforcements.
o Weapon upgrades checked against closest, not common enemy.
o Faster reaction time for fleet of foot toggle.
o Fixed multiple grenade/bomb tossing bug.
o Midcapturing disabled except for small maps.
o Help ally under attack only if not too far away.
o LP/turret addons are build with priority facing the enemy and only build with enough req.
o Stricter limits and checks for secondary buildings.
o Engineers more clever in choosing objectives.
o Idle builders will help other builders finishing buildings!
o Flexible researches being used to allow AI to more efficiently delegate costs to research items when needed.
o Eldar will try to get best aspect warriors (Dark Reapers/Warp Spiders) out ASAP @ game start.
o Eldar's Bonesingers try to jump to build location if possible.
o Eldar's Warp spiders will jump attack weak ranged squads.
o SM's Apothecary/Ork's BadDok will be built if there are squads to attach to and then attach more often.
o Eldar's Farseer/SM's Librarian/ CSM's Sorceror try to use abilities while dying.
o Orks build less rocket banners, Eldar more d-cannons.
o Many MANY other smaller/subtle tweaks/bugfixes/enhancements that you will eventually pick up as you play.

v1.2 Changes:
o Fully v1.30 game-code compliant (AI will be 85% efficient as under v1.30 due to aforementioned prereq bug).
o Completely did away with personalities and established a more streamlined, efficient, and uniformed squad structure for the AI to choose from. This also has the positive effect of making future code changes much easier.
o Squad limits reduced to only 2 types rather than 6 (for Harder/Insane skills). There was no need for more than 2.
o Better optimized initial buildorder - now AI will quickly built what it needs and ramp up from there.
o Removed some useless research items for the AI to research (ie. Infiltration) until expansion allows for the AI to use them.
o Greatly tweaked the AI Demand system so AI will better choose the most effective units to use against enemies it faces (ie. Eldar AI will now build Dark Reapers/Warp Spiders earlier).
o Added Eldar Hit&Run tactics (first generation code) that allows an Eldar AI to choose a random # of vehicle types it has and sends them on &quot;surgical strikes&quot; seperate from the normal attack group. Watch for these!
o Enhanced Jump In/Jump Out logic for &quot;jumpable&quot; units. Can better assess threat and thus save themselves.
o Optimized Warp In/Out (squad will look for nearest LP or friendly squad) for Eldar Bonesingers and WarpSpiders. 
o Added more efficient code to allow SM's Apothecary and Ork's MadDoc to attach to squads more readily even if not hurt.
o Unintended but highly desirable effect of running our AI mod and using v1.40 game-code: AI will use siege vehicles (ie. SM's Whirlwind or Ork's Looted Tank) in attack-ground stance on occasion. Prepare for major frustration!
o Added the Ork Wartrukk to the Ork's buildable squads - like the Eldar Falcon tank, its a useful early-game offensive transport!
o AI troops will now more likely retreat when broken.
o Early Mid-capturing! AI will now be far more aggressive with taking control of the map early then simply capturing points around itself.
o Large Generators and uber-units are built more frequently now.
o AI will now detect whether to build an extra infantry squad based on how close enemies are on the map. This is to circumvent rushers near game-start.
o AI will preform better under QuickStart.
o General tweaking of the unit rating system (Eldar most effected).
o General tweaking of squad limits (ie. more emphasis on shooty units and less on CC - AI can't efficiently use CC units at present). 

v1.1 Changes:
o Greatly tweaked all build orders for all personalities for each skill (EASY skill unchanged). Now AI will be quick to field infantry and hold off early enemy rushes!
o Secondary unit production buildings now built on the closest Listening Posts to the AI's startpoint rather than main base. This is to avoid excess clutter and allow uber-units to move out into combat (especially for Ork and Eldar).
o Bigger Generators even more reliably detected and built.
o Generators and Eldar Webgates are now mostly built behind or off nearest Listening Posts rather than in main base. This is to reduce clutter and allow for larger units to maneuver more easily. 
o AI will build less turrets but &quot;far more smartly&quot; and with so little impact to his ecomony. This is a huge improvement over v1.0 where turrets can be built and used effectively with no negative ramifications to the AI's aggressiveness.
o Removed the DEFENDER AI personality. Reason: Dawn Of War is about offense and turtlers don't win this game so neither should the AI reflect this gameplay tactic.
o More unit abilities have been included for the AI to use in combat (ie. Landraider's Machine Spirit, GravPlatform and WarTrakk's Speed Boost, etc). You'll certainly notice new things on the battlefield!
o Enabled Eldar's Fleet Of Foot ability for all Eldar infantry that can use it! Now watch them engage it to quickly reach distant points or disengage to enter into combat. 
o Troop Dancing - preliminary code has been scripted for the AI to &quot;dance his troops&quot; around enemy weapon fire. You will notice this as you play.
o AI will NOT reinforce broken squads as seen in v1.0. Reason: Broken squads are a waste of resources to bother reinforcing for the AI so it was the decision to remove it. This allows the AI to build fresh new troops back at main base and continue the fight!
o Ork Sluggas, Stormboyz, Shootas, and Nobz now limited to 10 units per squad while TankBustas limited to 8. Grots still at 4 since, well, they get stuck! :)

v1.0 Changes:
o Standard, Hard, and Harder/Insane AI difficulty settings tweaked (Easy not touched)
o All primary buildings are built at or near main base instead on vulnerable expansions - ensures main assets are kept safe
o Captured and built-upon Listening Posts are now randomly upgraded between Tier1 / Tier2
o Builds a certain # of defensive turrets in main base and Listening Post expansions + randomly upgrades them between Tier1 / Tier2
o Defensive turrets (at main base and on expansions) now point in the direction of the enemy
o Rebuilds destroyed base defenses at main base and on expansions 
o Made it easier for AIs to make the decision to build Large Generators on free Slag Heaps
o HeadQuarters/Fortresses will more reliably upgrade to their highest tier
o AI now researches his entire tech tree
o All four sides will now build extra infantry/vehicle buildings if req/power allows for it
o Squad and Hero units now use their &quot;special abilities&quot; more often and effectively (based on what is researched)
o When squads become broken they are now reinforced
o AI better utilizes his troops with more effective combinations
o When allied with humans, an allied AI will more reliably help defend fellow allies and remains active, competitive, and offense-orientated
o Allied AIs will attempt to &quot;gang up&quot; on one enemy player at a time when in a 2vs2 or 3vs3 game
o Space Marine's Dreadnaught (not Hellfire) will now upgrade all weapons instead of using just a Flamer
o Chaos Cultists allowed to reinforce to their max of 10 units per squad (their cheap meatshields early on!)
o Eldar Banshees will now use their WarShout Ability in close combat
o Ork Sluggas limted to 6 units per squad while Stormboyz, Shootas, and TankBustas limited to 8. Grots to 4
o Ork BigMek now allowed to use his abilities even when attached to a squad
o Chaos, Eldar, and Ork AIs will now more easily build uber-units when enough requisition/power is available
o Made Hero and other Important Units more likely to attach to a squad when hurt
o AI Personalities! Each AI opponent will randomly make use of one of the following templates when the HARD, HARDER and INSANE difficulties are used:
a) Aggressor - Focused purely on a &quot;rushed attack&quot; and controlling territory, building only a few defensive turrets, low techer
b) Defender - concentrated more towards defending allies and holding territory with heavy # of turrets/troops, regular techer
c) Sieger - uses siege vehicles to roll slowly across the map laying waste, low turret construction, regular techer
d) Platoon - uses infantry units more with vehicles as support, average turret construction, medium techer
e) Standard - regular mix of all the above

Future Objectives

To Do:
(Short Term)

o Send idle engineers (if there are no strat points to capture) to the nearest SAFE strategy point
o Ensure Commander Unit is kept away OR minimizes his exposure to combat under Assassinate victory conditions
o Ensure continued AI aggression under Take&Hold and Control Area victory conditions
o AI Squads should pursue enemies who are near defeat and deliever the final deathblow rather than halt the advance
o AI Squads should better attack in large numbers rather than sacrifice single weak squads instead
o Eldar AI - advanced SkirmishPlan code (more vehicles used, smarter hit&run)

(Long Term)

o Engineers that repair buildings (using between 1-2 Engineers for Space Marines, Chaos, and Eldar - Ork buildings already auto-heal)
o Build 2-3 turrets around Large Generators
o Creates a secondary HQ + unit production buildings w/ defensive turrets (randomly upgraded) all built away from the enemy
o Allow AI to recreate his HQ on another unthreaten Listening Post if his original HQ is destroyed
o Inter AI communications between alliance games (better AI team coordination when defending fellow allies and assaulting enemy bases/LPs)

Maybes (If Possible):
o Squad-level awareness and effective use of Cover
o Allow 1-2 Engineers to repair damaged idle vehicles at/near the battlefront (possible issue if vehicle group is called back to battle)
o Before an AI Ally is conquered, he will tribute all his req/power to fellow players
o Transporting infantry into combat using transports
o Determine how to get the AI to use such things as Infiltrate and the Squiggoth's Rampage (both non-standard abilities)
o Determine why AIs allied on a human team build up and attack more slowly than on a exclusively AI team

o Mine laying (both at base and on expansions) - Mines are useless, more annoying then anything, and take up build space
o Adding vehicles that were removed for the AI to use (ie. Space Marines/Chaos Rhino) - Such vehicles aren't &quot;yet&quot; worth their battlefield reputation

Known Issues
o Maps with limited Startpoint build space (ie. 4p_Biffys Peril) *may* still cause the AI to clutter buildings together thus disallowing some vehicles and even uber-units through. This will be rectified in subsequent releases.

o Maps with known Startpoint issues for Eldar Player (ie. Startpoint#3 on 4p_Mountain Trail or Startpoint#3 on 8p_Burial Grounds) - there is a known issue where for some reason when Eldar is placed on a certain Startpoints as mentioned above he will refuse to build. Other maps (ie. 6p_Testing Grounds) have even more severe Startpoint issues where half the Startpoints diminish the effectiveness of the AI no matter what faction starts there. The AI on such startpoints will only build up to an Armoury and then will only continue to Tier2 units/buildings ONLY IF attacked. This is game code-related and something Relic needs to address.

o Maps with limited check/strategy points where income gathering is somewhat low (ie. 8p_Penal Colony), the AI tends to struggle a little more than usual. Until we can determine a means to dynamically-change the AI's resource plans, it will flounder a little more than normal compared to maps with prolific resource points.

Thanks everyone and especially to the Relic devs and THQ pubs for further bringing the Warhammer 40,000 universe alive to our PCs! Looking SO forward to the WinterAssault Expansion!

Visit us at our home base: http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showforum=478
You can also drop by the official Relicforums here: http://forums.relicnews.com/

Cheers DoWers!

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