Death Guard

Deathguard badge and banner by Mikari.


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Deathguard badge and banner by Mikari.

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Deathguard badge and banner by Mikari

How to install

Unzip the .zip to your Dawn of war folder, it will put everything in it's place.

The zip contains the following files.

Readme - This thing, which no one will ever read. :(
Badge/Nurgle1.tga - A badge based on the old nurgle insignia which never seems to be used any more..
Badge/nurglestar.tga - Another old nurgle insignia, part 8 pointed star and part nurgle icon.
Banner/Nurglebanner.tga - A simple banner using the badge.. I can never seem to do a banner I like. But this one isn't too bad. The rips in the image it's self don't show ingame as rips, they show through the dark green of the background on the death guard banner, it looks like the banner faded in places... I likes it!
Deathguard1.jpg - Screencap from Bob (my PC).
Deathguard2.jpg - Screencap from Bob.
Deathguard3.jpg - Screencap from Bob.

All logos contained in this zip are copyright Games Workshop. Deathguard are owned by them and not me. I'm just a fanboy with access to GIMP.

hee badge was scanned from an old White dwarf by me, please give credit if you use it any where.

For background on the force please try your local GW store or the Mail order guys, they are more then happy to help and they get paid for this, where as I just miss sleep from it.

Dawn of war content by Mikari 1. Please feel free to pass these files around and share them with others. If you would like to comment, host the file or request something, please contact me at

Released 04/03/05

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Deathguard badge and banner

Currently looking for suggestions for traitor legion badges and insignia for the "Sons of Malice".

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