Depth of Heresy: Black Crusade



Depth of Heresy: Black Crusade (v 0.3.2)

Uninstall all other versions of Depth of Heresy Before installing!! Depth of Heresy's aim is to bring Dow/WA alive with new units, abilities and weapons from the Space Marines and Chaos codex. It's not a attempt to make them more fluffy but give a deeper view of the SM and Chaos. IG is slated for Depth of Heresy v0.4 then Eldar for v0.5 and Orks for v0.6. Other races will receive new units and models along the way


Run .exe file and install to DoW dir


[DOW ONLY] Run game from in game mod manager/short cut

[WA ONLY] Run game from Shortcut

Change log

0.3.2 <- Last Dawn of War Compatible version All other versions will be WA only!

Daemonette Amour Penetration reduced against buildings (from 100) Plagueearer Damage reduced Plagueearer Moral Damage increased Bloodletter Amour Penetration reduced Bloodletter melee reload time increased to 2 (from 1) Bloodletter melee damage reduced Bloodletter melee Moral Damage reduced Pink Fire of Tzeentch recharge time increased to 200 (From 120) Fixed bug where Greater Daemons wouldn't attack in CC Fixed Noise Marine weapon upgrade bug Added Nurgle rot to Great Unclean One Added Demonic Visalige ability to all Greater Daemons Khorne Blood Rage recharge time increased to 220 (From 120) Fixed various typos and text errors

---- Known issues: Colour bleed - Enemy units will have your colourscheme as you Pick Icons for Some units

0.3.1 Fixed bug where Unit icons turn pink when unavailable. Daemonette damage reduced Plagueearer damage reduced Fixed unlimited sorcerers bug Fixed bug where Noise Marines can't get their weapon upgrades. Fixed Blood Rage issue Lowed build times from all special units Fixed bug where you could get all greater daemons Lowered unit caps to 30/24 Worship nurgle increase heath of Chaos Lord Obliterators cap decreased to 3 Fixed Chaos Greater Daemon text issue Fixed Issue where Great Unclean one would lose health for no reason Fixed Great Unclean One melee and power issues

---- Known issues: Colour blead - Enemy units will have your colourscheme as you

0.3 Added All chaos 'Factions'

Tzeentch - Rubic Marines, Horrors, Sorcerer, Lord of Change - NEW POWERS!! Nurgle - Plague Marines, Plague Bearers, Great Unclean One - New Abilities Slaanesh - Noise Marines, Daemonettes, Keeper of Secrets - New Weapons Khorne - Berzerkers, Bloodletters, Bloodthrister - New Abilities Undivided - Chosen , Terminators, Defilers There are more changes but there for you to find out!


Fixed Razorback and Vindicator error - for real this time! Ingame the Captain has the icon of the veteran squad. The icon of the meltagun is a Marine with a Multimelta. dreadnought already upgraded to two Missile Launchers Tach squad Missile launcher and Plasma gun removed


Fixed IG AI error Fixed Razorback and Vindicator error Various fixes

0.2.1 DEMO


Space Marine

Command squad Devastator squad Vindactor Razorback Captain Chapter Master Epistolary Veterans Veneran Barracks Melta Gun Deadnough Plasma Cannon

Storm of the Emperor's wrath Vortex of Doom Might of Heroes

Special thanks to: Compiler for his Rhino razorback and vindicator from his minimod rhinoz. Link http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=58001&page=1&pp=15 Oldman for his eilte textures (veterans in the mod) Mirage Knight for his Demonic Visualise code Bugs/ Suggestions Any bugs or suggestions you have please post on the offical fourms link: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=76215

This file may only be distributed by Dawn of War files via download it may also be distributed via CD, if you with to use any content from this mod i must be contacted first at and you MUST recive permission [email protected]

- kjon

* This mod is not connected to or in anyway associated with games workshop**


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