DOW Demo Mod




mega armour nobs mob snot mob nobs jumppack mob runtherd for snot and grot mobs buildable walls from sp mission squig (mini squiggoth) proper killa kan with 3 squad size burna boyz mob meks mob kommando mob (infiltrates) shoota boys, sluga boys mob increase to 30 stormboy mob increased to 20 resize of looted leman russ and dread wartrak squad size 3 destroyed vehicles and dead men stay only for 30 seconds because of sp mission scripting


landraider, landspeeder, predator, rhino, whirlwind, dreadnought+HFdread model resize landspeeder squadron of 3 thunderhawk gunship usable can transport troops(use jump though) devastator squad scout sergeant terminator sergeant for assault squad aswell veteran squad tactical marines sergeants guilliman2's idea chaplain destroyed vehicles and dead men stay for 120 seconds

contains the gaurd mod aswell with resized leman russ and their vehicles and dead men stay for 120 seconds

5 beta maps (unsure about a release of these though)


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