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The Enhancement Mod aims to improve Dawn of War game play by not only fixing problems that went unnoticed at the time of release (and have y...


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The Enhancement Mod aims to improve Dawn of War game play by not only fixing problems that went unnoticed at the time of release (and have yet to be addressed officially) but also by addressing balance issues and inconsistencies. While a fair amount of the coding change was done by myself, I cannot and will not take total credit for this. This mod is borne out of more than a few discussions on the forums and represents ideas and concerns that are not necessarily my own. Credit goes out to Aetherfox, komninosm, n0z3k1ll3r, [Vertigo], and Meppa on the Relic Forums for their direct and indirect help with this Mod. Special thanks go out to Aetherfox and n0z3k1ll3r for giving me the go ahead to use their tweaks and fixes in this mod. If there's anyone I might have forgotten, my apologies.

While it's far from complete and polished, I think it's a good start. I hope this mod in some way helps make Dawn of War an even better game than it is. Feel free to PM me, Mirage Knight, on the Relic Forums or email me at [email protected] with any feedback and suggestions.

And without further ado, the changelist.

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-Cultist HP raised to 110. Reinforce cost up from 15 to 20.
-Defiler Autocannon accuracy raised. A weapon entry for Cone of Fire seems to be interfering with it's ability to target properly. It should hit a target most of the time now.
-Obliterator Squad reinforce time reduced to 20 seconds (from 24)


-Bright Lance weapon reload time decreased to 2.5 (from 3). Reduce AP value against building_low slightly.
-Falcon Grav Tank incorrectly uses 150 req and 120 power - fixed so that cost is 120 req and 150 power.
-Ranger Squad now 1 pop, squad size starts at 2 with a max of 4 members, and HP now at 180.
-Seer Council squad size starting size of 4. No cost change.
-Shuriken Cannon AP values against structures reduced to 5.5 (from 10+ in some entries).
-Shuriken Cannon Grav Platform now has a setup time of 2 seconds, bringing it in line with the Bright Lance Plat.
-Warlocks (including Seer Council) use armour type Commander.

-Looted Tank HP reduced to 4200 from 4585. Build time reduced slightly.
-Wartrak rokkit AP values against all infantry types halved.+
-Wartrak build increased slightly from 18 to 20 seconds.

Space Marines

-Force Commander's Hammer Stun nerfed considerably. In addition to reduced chance to apply and duration, stunned units can now re-engage the FC.+
-Marine Scouts now only receive 1 special weapon upgrade slot upon completion of Armory structure. A total of 2 upgrades are available to Scouts after Marine Max Weapons has been researched.


-Autocannons now have penetration values for medium and heavy infantry.*
-Chaos Taint now extends from ALL Chaos buildings. 
-Chaos Taint Morale healing rate increased. Commander healing rate increased to 4x HP regeneration.*
-Chaos Rhino HP increased to 850 and now takes up 1 pop.
-Corruption Ability now affects Heavy Infantry.*
-Cultists HP raised to 100. Laspistol damage and acuracy increased slightly.
-Defiler HP raised to 2600. Cost is 140 req + 310 power.
-Defiler Twin Autocannon fixed.
-Heavy Bolter damage increased slightly.
-Heretic cost reduced to 45. Can now regenerate health like other units.*
-Horror Squad can now regenerate health like other units.*
-Machine Pit now gives 3 Cap.
-Obliterator Squad now 3 pop and reinforce time reduced to 20 seconds.
-Smoke Launchers now have a duration of 15 seconds, a range of 30, and a recharge time of 60 seconds.
-Standardized damage done by Bolter, Plasma and Autocannon weapons.
-Tier Three Add-On cost reduced to 400/150 and takes 100 seconds.*

-Eldar Commander Veterancy Upgrades now give +100hp to members of the Seer Council.*
-Falcon Grav Tank's Bright Lance functional. HP boosted to 2000. Cost is 120 req + 150 power. 30 second build time.
-Falcon Aspect Stone replaces Vyper Aspect Stone. 100 req cost and 15 second build time.
-Fire Prism HP lowered to 2000. Cost is 120 req + 300 power. 40 second build time. 
-Fire Prism Aspect Stone 175 req cost and 30 second build time.
-Grav Platforms are now classed as Light Vehicles and have 800 HP.
-Guardians max squad size increased to 11 (excluding Warlock) HP reduced slightly to 165 per squad member.
-Avatar of Khaine updated to reflect change in Aspect Stone research.
-Ranger max squad size reduced to 6. Eldar Long Rifle range increased to 38 and reload time lowered to 3.
-Seer Council max squad size reduced to 6
-Warlock Power Weapon upgrades now costs 70/40 and takes 45 seconds.*
-Warlock WitchBlade upgrade now costs 70/40.*
-Standardized damage done by Brightlance weapons.
-Squad Leaders for all squads can now be added while squad is moving.*
-Vyper Jet Bike is now base unit upon completion of Support Portal. HP increased to 800.
-Warpspiders now take up 3 pop. HP boosted to 350 per squad member. Power cost per Warpspider upped to 20.
-Webway Gates now give 4 Squad Cap and 4 Support Cap per Gate.
-Wraithlord HP increased to 3400. Cost is 160 req 400 power and takes up 3 pop.
-Wraithlord Aspect Stone 250 req cost and 45 second build time.

-Killer Kan HP reduced to 3000. Cost is 150 req + 350 power.(Keeping it in line with other CC walker units)
-Mad Dok Healing Aura now area of effect and benefits commander units as well.*
-Nob Power Klaws upgrade now does 84% increased damage to all vehicles and buildings and 35% increased damage to other targets over standard Nob Choppa.*
-Looted Tank Heavy Bolter turrets accuracy increased from 40% to 50%.*
-Stormboyz Nobs now benefit from Speed Boost research + Tougher Bosses upgrade.*
-Stormboyz weapon penetration vs Heavy Infantry fixed.*
-Killa Kan Big Shoota now has penetration values for infantry_heavy_high and monster_med.*

Space Marines
-Autocannons now have penetration values for medium and heavy infantry.*
-Dreadnaught HP reduced to 3200. Cost is 170 req + 400 power
-Heavy Bolter damage increased slightly.
-Hellfire Dreadnaught HP upped to 2600. Cost is 130 req + 300 power. 
-Hellfire Ranged weapons accuracy increased by 5%.*
-Landraider can now use Smoke Launchers.
-Landraider Twin Lascannon penetration values for left and right weapons are now consistent.
-Predator Heavy Bolter damage reduced slightly. Penetration values for left and right weapons are now consistent.
-Rhino HP increased to 1000 and now takes up 1 pop.
-Scout Marines now use Space Marine Bolters and Knives. HP reduced to 200.
-Smoke Launchers now have a duration of 20 seconds, a range of 35, and a recharge time of 60 seconds.
-Standardized damage done by Assault Cannon, Bolter, and Plasma weapons.
-Weaken Resolve Ability now nullifies morale regeneration while effect lasts.*

*Fixes and balance changes made by Aetherfox

+Fixes and balance changes made by n0z3k1ll3r

To install, simply drag the contents of this zip to your base Dawn of War Directory (usually C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War) and run the file DOW_Enhancement_Mod.bat in your base Dawn of War directory.

Feedback is welcome and highly encouraged. This Mod will only be as good as the feedback that I receive. If there are features or elements present in this mod that you wish to see officially incorporated into the game, let the Developers at Relic Entertainment know - but if you choose do, please do it in a constructive and polite manner. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this!

This Mod is available for free distribution ONLY. You may use elements of this mod on the condition that permision is requested and granted by their respective authors and credit is given for their work.

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