DoWpro 1.55



1.55 is Without doubt the best ever DoWpro ever seen - it brings with it a massive IG overhaul, superb new balance, new units, new models, new never before seen DoWpro exclusive Fx's, new maps, new loading screens and of course the awesome skirmish AI.

For those new to DoWpro you couldn't have picked a better release to start on. DoWpro is a complete rework of vanilla and WA's gameplay, units, tech trees and balance. Don't let the "pro" deceive you - the pro stands for the goal we have set for the quality of the mod. DoWpro is about providing the best possible gameplay experience in 1v1 AND team games - it really needs to be seen in order to appreciate exactly what we've done. It's more than just a balance mod, it's a whole new DoW experience - Gameplay, Content, Community and Fun.



DoWpro 1.55 Final is LIVE!

On behalf of the DoWpro Team, I say with a certain amount of pride that DoWpro 1.55 is fully released. 

DoWpro 1.55 is the best DoWpro you've ever played by a hefty margin.

For those wanting competitive play, DoWpro 1.55 also coincides with our new Gamespy ladder - it's simple to use and gives those with the competitive drive to really show what they're made of.

DoWpro is also about community and we've seen a rapid growth in the DoWpro community over recent months. With 1.55 and the inclusion of a fully playable IG race we hope that this trend will continue. One thing that is different about the DoWpro community is the interaction between the new players and the top end guys - there is a huge amount of dialogue, discussion and feedback that occurs in the forums and on IRC. This means that new players can rapidly come to understand the changes of DoWpro rather than having to work it all out themselves whilst also getting advice and tips on how to improve their game. There are many opportunities for ppl to obs pro games - it happens every single night without fail. Furthermore, the better guys will often sit in and obs games of newer players in order to offer advice and feedback.

Make no mistake - the DoWpro community has grown to a point that games are now readily available at any time of day. The community is close knit, friendly and fun and caters for every demographic of the wider DoW community.

Some key features of the DoWpro community:

- DoWpro matches are arranged on IRC (irc.quakenet.org #dowpro)

- Most games are played over hamachi (a gamespy alternative - no connection issues).

- The community consists of players of ability ranging from new players to some of the very best in DoWpro so you'll be able to find games matching your ability without any difficulty whether new player or elite.

- The Official DoWpro forums along with the IRC allow you to directly interact with the dev team --> try it! there's a huge amount of interaction as we discuss issues and ideas continually.

- Mod and content creation friendly!! --> if you're interested in creating new content or modding, DoWpro offers lots of opportunities. Just check our credits list if you have any doubt - it's a big team and we are closely involved with much of the mod community. Also expect some exciting new content such as replay commentaries from our new Rep Commentator Meattosser.

- New Gamespy Ladder --> play against some of the best in the business and prove that you do indeed pwnz0r.

DoWpro Tech Tree Pics:
- Space Marine Tech Tree			http://slipenbois666.free.fr/dowpro/index.php?title=Tektree_sm
- Chaos Tech Tree					http://slipenbois666.free.fr/dowpro/index.php?title=Tektree_chaos
- Eldar Tech Tree					http://slipenbois666.free.fr/dowpro/index.php?title=Tektree_eldars
- Ork Tech Tree						http://slipenbois666.free.fr/dowpro/index.php?title=Tektree_orks
- Imperial Guard Beta Tech Tree		http://slipenbois666.free.fr/dowpro/index.php?title=Tektree_IG

DoWpro and the state of balance:

We're very proud of the 1.55 balance and gameplay. The existing races are showing some of the best gameplay DoW has ever seen - this is beyond doubt. 1.55 also contains a totally reworked IG for the first time. IG is not only playable but has some pretty solid gameplay. Obviously we ask your patience with IG balance since they're still in the process of being balanced and don't have the polish of the other 4 races (polishing obviously takes time) - feel free to start pointing out new fixes on the forums! Also plz be aware the IG skirmish AI is also still undergoing heavy upgrading.

DoWpro DL locations:

http://dow.lerp.com/mods/DoWpro-155-Setup.exe 	<-- Required Setup files
http://dow.lerp.com/mods/DoWpro-Extras-104.exe	<-- Optional Extras: Awesome models, Screenshots, Maps
http://dow.lerp.com/mods/DoWpro-155-patch.exe	 <-- patch if you had DoWpro 1.54.2

Important Links:

- Official Forums					http://s14.invisionfree.com/DOWPRO/index.php?act=site
- IRC Installation Instructions		http://s14.invisionfree.com/DOWPRO/index.php?showtopic=131
- Gamespy Ladder Instructions		http://s14.invisionfree.com/DOWPRO/index.php?showtopic=475

DoWpro may not be modified, redistributed under a different name, resold, or redistributed without my expressed permission. Essentially, this is the work of the DoWpro Team - you are permitted to download and install the mod and play it. Anything other than that requires my expressed permission.

DoWpro 1.55 Credits:

-DoWpro Team-


-DoWpro Beta-Balance Team-

Blood Ravens


Dawn of Skirmish Team


Listoric - Jungle Morning and Below Zero


Closer to Codex Team - Medes
Steel Legion Mod - Maestrorobertus
Dawn of War: Expanded mod - Riker2800

-Special Thanks-

Relic, for making such a kick-ass game
Relicnews, Dawn of War Sanctuary, and our fans and fansites around the world
Everyone who helped deliver DoWpro

All our loved ones -- family and friends whose support helped us stay the course

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