Drknemz Replay Pack

Replay 1: 'vsCSM.rec'

Map: Fallen City Opponent: _Terminus

I kinda dominated this game pretty bad, although a bad start to m...

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Replay 1: 'vsCSM[FS].rec'

Map: Fallen City Opponent: [x]_Terminus

I kinda dominated this game pretty bad, although a bad start to my build strat i thought i did rather well. With all three critical points captured and a web gateway at each, this guy stood no chance of gaining map controll.. thus leading him to call me a cheater when i wasnt even exploiting =)

Replay 2: 'vsDarren[OR].rec'

Map: Outer Reaches Opponent: Rhannadandra

This is a mate of mine that was big noting his skills quite frequently, watch as i take almost the entire map and starve him of resources untill i get the take and hold win.

Replay 3: 'vsOrk[DmC].rec'

Map: Deadmans Crossing Opponent: Loose

This game doesnt go for very long, but it was a bit of a challenge for me the ork rush me at the start before i had very much offense, but i managed to win the battle and pull off the win with some decent micro.

Replay 4: 'vsOrk[DmC]2.rec'

Map: Deadmans Crossing Opponent: Persephone

This game only goes for about 5 mins.. i killed his initial army and he quit, sore loser or what. Not to mention he didnt start building untill about a minute into the game, damn noob =).

Replay 5: vsSM[DmC].rec

Map: Deadmans Crossing Opponent: Deepred

This game is kinda stupid.. this spacemarine lost the first battle, then he pulls back to his side of the map and builds plasma gens near the heavy cover instead of turrets!! what an idiot.

Replay 6: vsSM[FS] (yes i know i put a S in the name.. dont ask me what i was thinking =P)

Map: Fallen City Opponent: Crynntester

This is a good game played well by us both... at one stage i look like ive lost it but i come back in the end with a much needed fire prisim saving my ass =) I played this game really sloppy though.. units sitting around the place doing nothing.. dont ask me what i was thinking... i think i was tired or somthing ?? i dont know how i even won.

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By the way, to watch the replays -

Go into the folder that you installed Dawn Of War to, inside there should be a 'playback' folder
This is where your replays are stored. Un rar all the replays to there,
then start up your game and go to skirmish>load game>recorded games =)

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Want to see how im doing on the ladder?

Go here: http://gamestats.gamespy.com/whammer40000/player.asp?nick=drknemz

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