ffaking Omaha Spaceport v1.1 -------------------- 2 player map for Dawn of War 1.3 Player 1 takes Space Marines, Player 2 takes Chaos....


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ffaking Omaha Spaceport v1.1 --------------------

2 player map for Dawn of War 1.3 Player 1 takes Space Marines, Player 2 takes Chaos. Best on Annihilation for fast and furious gameplay. (N.B. Critical locations are not supported on this map)

Install: To install simply drag the W40k folder into your Dawn of War directory.

Description: 60 years ago a daring landing at the Omaha Space Port took a heavy toll on the invasion fleet. The Space Marines who fell taking this fortress bought a foothold that would lead to the purging of Chaos from this sector. The violent history this planet would rather forget has once more reared its ugly head. The Space marines must fight again for this strategically important starport.

v1.1 Changes: Fixed issues with units running through structures. Added in some nicer decals to add to the spaceport feel. (installation remains the same)

Legal: This map may not be copied, modified or distributed in any way without first gaining my permission. I own it, it is mine, you cannot have it!

Misc: This is my first map for Dawn of War, i learnt the ropes while making it! Hope you enjoy the outcome. The map may be small but i've had a fair few intense skirmishes on it. Feel free to contact me for criticism or the likes. :)

Email: iamtheone dot 8k 'at' ntlworld 'dot' com

If you would like to contact me make sure the title reads. DAWN OF WAR: (I get a lot of spam, if you don't label it this way the chances are it'll get lost underneath the myriad of spamalot i receive)

Well enjoy ~Gaffer

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