Firefly Badge and Banner Pack

I like this set of badges and banners! But I am also a fan of the TV show! Enjoy ~Gaffer


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I like this set of badges and banners! But I am also a fan of the TV show!

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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Firefly Badge and Banner Pack
By DemonicBadger aka Stephenkahn


These badges and banners are based on the show Firefly and the movie Serenity. I was particulary fond of the opening scene from the Firefly original pilot episode that featured a glimpse of the Independence War. 

These were made using references from online sources. I try to stay away from simple copy-paste jobs, so these were drawn from the references with some creative interpretation. The Reaver one is completely made up by myself since we have never seen them actually use emblems. 


Place Badge and Banner folder into the root folder for the game, by default: 

C: Drive/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War

(Dawn of War- Winter Assault, Dawn of War- Dark Crusade, or Dawn of War - Soulstorm folders depending on which version you are using these for)

It will ask if you want to replace the existing folders, say yes, it will retain existing files and place these in with them.


The screenshots were taken using Dawn of War- Soulstorm and are compatible with the earlier Dawn of Wars. I take no credit for the original emblem designs. Thanks for downloading!

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