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The Figs and Vehicles in this Mod have been increased in size to be more in proportion to each other much like the miniatures so that for e...


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The Figs and Vehicles in this Mod have been increased in size to be more in proportion to each other much like the miniatures so that for example a dreadnought stands just over twice the height of a marine.

The Mod was extensively tested on 90 percent of the available maps with no problems in movement, it is bug free and stable.

There are no new models or textures in the mod but I have made extensive use of the Relic supplied Fxs to Link them to new weapons and weapon properties eg: Power sword now gives an electrical discharge on hit or the Frag missile launcher will hit with an area impact and damage to match: Any units below marked LG. have these Fx and more included.

The Mod is primarily designed for Solo play using 2-3 Ai ally teams against 2-3 Ai enemies with the settings Hard/Harder-Very slow/Slow/resource standard for the best results but it can be played on any other setting but you will miss some of the effects.

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Download 'full_scale_mod_v0.5.zip' (5.06MB)


unzip file to your Dawn of War directory usually c:\program Files\THQ\Dawn of War
then double click Full-scale Bat. to run.


Marines____ Now in 5 man squads including a Sgt with access to Tac\Vet\Devastor squads 
all with LG.
Scout squads with access to Stun grenades and Shotguns and Scout Captain with LG.
Chapter master-LG Inquistor,Stormtroopers,Henchmen,Hq squad all with LG.
Rhino armed with Missile launcher with LG
Venerable Dreadnought with LG.

Chaos____ Now in 6 man squads with aspiring champion with LG
All character Figs have improved weaponry with LG
A Dark-One(Generic name) with LG
Figs armed with grenades which the Ai will use

Eldar____Squads standard with LG
Wraithlord upgraded with LG
Sniper included with LG
Banshees upgraded
Plasma grenades that the AI will use

Orks____Squads standard with LG
Bosses upgraded with LG
A Big-Un(Generic name) with LG
Stikkbombs that the AI will use(A-Lot)

The Ai will build introduced characters when playing against them or with them.
The mod was extensively playtested for balance issues and by Trial and error so if some of
the Stats seem overpowering they work Well overall in the game.However I am always open to

There were Many Many changes made to the various versions before this one and the changes are
too long to List or remember It was a learning experience for me purely by Trial and error
not being gifted like some of the modders out there such as Tau mod,Witchunters,Sisters,
Daemonhunters,Ultramarines ect which are truly remarkable and my hat goes of to them,But I
gave it a go.

Thank you to all the Testers out there who tested this for me and in particular to Krass
who kept me pointed in the right direction


I can be Contacted on Relic Forums-Adeptus Modificatus via member list for any questions complaints
ect. Ive now going to have a go in Texturing individual squads and characters for this mod.

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